Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I've recently bought a couple of things (that have nothing to do with each other) that were recommended to me.

First up is this...

...has anyone used it? I've watched the first DVD and although it's really helpful I still have a problem hearing the words in Sadie's cries. Eh is her most common word which explains the "5 o'clock grizzlies". I can also hear Neh when she's hungry but she usually says Eh in that cry too. Heh is harder to determine but I'm working on it. Anyone have any tips with this?

Another thing I've bought recently is this,

I asked my Twitter friends what they recommended for a good devotional for a busy, tired mom. This one was mentioned several times so I got it. Have any of you used it?

My friend, Caroline, also had a great idea too. She suggested getting a subscription to the Journey which is put out by Lifeway.

I'm certainly going to be getting this too!


mom2themonkeys said...

I love love love Jesus Calling. This is actually my second year going through it and I have learned new stuff all over again. It is just so good. My son is 10 and I bought him the kid's version for Christmas. It is great because we can discuss our devotions together. I am going to look into the Journey one that you have there. That looks great as well.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

The baby language stressed me out more than the crying! I had the same problem trying to hear the different sounds...hopefully someone can help you. :)

Ashley said...

I LOVED the Dunstan method! I didn't read the book or anything, just read a summary, and cut it out and put on my fridge. I never could hear all 5 sounds, but could hear the one's for hungry, gassy, or tired, which made life with a colicky baby a lot easier.

I still use it, even though my son is 19 months. When I work in the church nursery, I can hear those particular cries with the babies I have on any given sunday. It's amazing!