Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet Moments

Saturday night when I was back at my parent's house after dinner my mom had some desserts set out on the island. My eyes were immediately drawn to something I hadn't seen before. She had a bag of Pillsbury bite size brownies. They are part of the Sweet Moments line.

Let's just say I thought they were delicious. Especially for a package brownie. They were pretty gooey which is how I like mine. It was a nice treat. I looked for them at the store today and saw the other item in the Sweet Moments collection.

I'm pretty sure I'll be trying these soon too. They have a little, ok a lot, more than 60 calories though so I refrained from getting them this trip. Maybe next time.

If you want try them you can get a coupon here.


Heather said...

sweet mercy, those look divine!!!!

Kelly said...

Um - I have bought those sweet moments brownies already more times than I care to share.
And they are GOOD!

julia said...

i bought some yesterday and yummy!!!

The Bunch Fam! said...

Give me the fatty fatso molten lava from Chili's any day.