Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Machine and Fonts

Lately I've had several questions about what kind of embroidery machine I have and what fonts I use. I have an Brother Innovis machine and yes I really like it. Before I bought my machine I did a lot of research on them. I narrowed it down to two brands I really liked, Bernina and Brother. I still really like Bernina and plan to get one of their sewing machine one day. At the time I was ready to buy I wanted some that was good, would be able to embroider lots of things, and wasn't way over priced. I found a place near where I live that happened to have a used machine for a great price. It was less than a year old and the owner wanted to trade up. My only complaint is that it is REALLY heavy! Other than that it's been great and allows me to do lots of things.

Shortly after I bought my machine I realized that in order to really utilize all it has to offer I would need some software. Again, I researched the different options and decided on the BES Lettering Software. You can read more about it here. It comes with lots of different fonts and at this point those are the only fonts I've been using. You can buy the fonts I've been using at certain places online but they will more than likely have a different name. That being said I'll go ahead and share some of my favorites.

Here's a small sample of what comes with the software.

I've been using this font a lot more lately. It's called Whimsy and is a lot of fun. It's all capital letters so its not great for everything.

This one is called Lisa. I really like it because it's cursive but not too script or fancy.

This is Nicole. It's hard to tell here but it has rounded points, like dots, on the letters. It's a thinner font so its easy to use it on long names for a small space.

Here's Whimsy again.

So far this is my favorite overall. It's called Swizzle. It's a great thickness and shows up perfectly on all different fabrics. It's plain and simple and would work for a boy or girl.

This is Baby Point. It's a little fancier but still easy to read and has some extra detail on the letters.

This is Whistle. I really it for monograms.

Here's Swizzle again.

I've already found a few others fonts I really like and will probably purchase in the near future. There are so many great ones out there and I'd love to have them all! Feel free to ask me anything else about what you've seen on here.


Lauren Kelly said...

Seriously, we all need to come over to your house for sewing lessons!!!! :) That can be our next blogger meet-up, ha!

Rathi said...

I love the monogram on the last outfit.. My daughter has that same outfit in green.. How much do you charge?? I ready your blog thru Kelly's by the way!

Kelly said...

Oh how I love monogramming...........!

kateneeley said...

How much do you charge for the jewelry case/holder? I LOVE it?
PS I found your blog through Kelly's Korner!

Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing. I've talked about getting a sewing/monogramming machine for the past 3 years and then decide against it. I'm thinking now's the time! I just started researching so this info is very helpful!

Heather said...

Do you sell your jewelry pouches? I would LOVE to purchase one from you! So cute!