Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Couple More Firsts

Whew!! I have been so busy sewing! Thanks to all of you for keeping me busy. Seriously! Like I mentioned before I will only share the things I make on my blog that are different...or slightly different from what I've already posted. I'm sure you don't want to see 400 ruffle dresses of the same fabric. Anyway, here are my other two "first" orders. They have been so patient with me while I work to get them their items. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to sewing and I'm going to have to tone that down a bit. If something isn't right I will rip it out and start over. Although that's a good thing sometimes things really are "OK" but I rip it out anyway. I'm getting much better.

Rikki from Arkansas saw my tweet of a ruffle shirt I was making and immediately said she wanted one. And really, can you have a ruffle shirt without ruffle pants? I wouldn't recommend it. :) This outfit turned out soooooo cute...if I do say so myself. I'm really not bragging. It's not at all me but the fabric and the pattern and of course the cute girl that will wear it that makes me so proud of it.

Here's the back of the shirt.
Julia in Texas was one of the first to ask me to make a dress for her little girl. She wanted a reversible jumper dress. I was excited about this because I hadn't made one in a while and knew it would be a nice change of pace. We knew we wanted the pink and red zebra for one side but didn't know about the other. Wouldn't you know that the "other" side is actually my favorite. I love all the colors.

This side is super cute to me too though. I mean can you go wrong with zebra and lime green?!

This week I've also made a couple of ruffle dresses like I made for Harper and I have two more to make tonight. And it looks like I'll be taking my sewing machine on vacation with me. That's OK though. I don't mind. In fact I will probably enjoy sewing more there than being up late at night and having to work the next day.
Also, I haven't forgotten about you Jon Jon people. :) I'm so bogged down with dresses that I won't be making Jon Jons until after my vacation. I WILL be making one then (I have to because I'm doing one for a baby shower) so I will post pictures. I also have a friend, and soon to be custom clothing partner I hope, who is great at making them. I will post pictures of some she's done for her little boy too. She's in the middle of a move and a vacation so she and I will probably be ready to go on those the first of August.
Please take note of the button on my blog. My friend Tricia added it for me. Thanks, friend!! If you are interested in ANYTHING you see on here please click on it to e-mail me.


Mommy Nash said...

Your stuff is so precious! I always love your fabric choices. And I am the SAME way with sewing...very detail oriented, and I use my seam ripper ALOT if something isn't just right...I think it's a good quality to have with sewing : )

julia said...

Oh Hillary
I just love REAGANs dress!! Cant wait for her to wear it!!!

Jennifer said...

Yeah! I can't wait to see the jon-jon so I can order one!!!

Alex and Jill said...

Oh my goodness...the ruffled shirt/pants are ADORABLE!!! Amelia is going to need that too. I still haven't gotten to Hob Lob to look at fabrics. Maybe after next week...things have been crazy here.

Great job on all of these...they are precious.

Lauren Kelly said...

Beyond adorable Hillary. You do such wonderful work!!!! I might have you make something for my niece who is due to make her arrival in August!! :)

Katie said...

Love these!! Too bad Colson can't wear them. Ha!

So cute and SO proud of you!!

Fran said...

You are killin' me!!! So very talented and its a good thing I don't have a girl, bc I'd be making some serious phone calls.

So proud of you! Awesome job!