Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mr. Mailbox

Last Sunday I received a phone call from my roommate while I was out of town letting me know that someone had hit our mailbox along with my neighbor's mailbox. Barb, my neighbor, called the police to see if there was anyway to find out who did it. Obviously that was a long shot but regardless a police officer came out and questioned Barb, Holly, and our neighbors. So far, no luck in catching the culprits. If you see a red Chevy truck driving around with a broken right tail light let me know! you know if you don't have a mailbox the mail person won't deliver mail. So Barb went and got us new ones. She's a great neighbor. Instead of getting two separate ones she got us one post with two boxes. It saved us each a little money. Josh arrived at my house yesterday ready to get our mailbox up and running.
First thing he did was uproot the injured mail boxes.

Next he dug up the dirt and tried to even it out.

Then he had LOTS of fun grinding on the bolts.

In the mean time Barb was working on the actual boxes.

Here's Josh filling in the hole for the new post.

Since it was getting dark last night and really cold we decided (by we I mean Josh) to finish this afternoon. Here's an almost finished product. Josh is a perfectionist so I couldn't wait on him to be completely finished b/c I wanted to update my blog.


Laurie said...

Looks great! It's great to have a handy man around! :-)

Staci said...

Growing up, that happened to our mailbox about 5 times! Teenagers think it's funny to drive by and knock down several mailboxes in a row. I like your new one!

Leigh Ann said...

That is really a cute mailbox!