Friday, January 11, 2008

Brown Baby Boots and More

Yesterday was a great day! My friend Katie called in the afternoon and wanted to know if she and Zach could stop by and see me at work! OF COURSE!!! I love them both a bunch and love spending time with them. Zach was dressed oh so cute! Check out his little brown boots! Aren't they great?

Then last night I met up with some of my fun friends for dinner. We aren't able to get together often but when we do I always have a good time. They are hilarious and we always have the most random, interesting conversations.

Sarah, Audra, Shannon, and me


Kelly said...

Zach is SO cute! Where are ya'll eating at? I'm trying to recognize it.

ashleydiggs said...

Cute new look!

Jessica said...

Love the new look! It is really fun. I love friends that are really crazy and can have random conversations! Makes for an interesting night!