Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I have been looking forward to last night for a LONG time! The Broadway musical Hairspray was showing at The Walton Arts Center and my friend Shannon and I went to see it. I've been a fan of the original Hairspray with Ricki Lake since it came out in 1988. My roommate blessed me with the DVD of it this year for my birthday. I had it on VHS at one time but I'm not exactly sure what happened to it. Although I'm not sure anything can be better than the original last night's experience was wonderful! I loved the music, the dancing, the costumes, all if it. There are a few things about the original movie that I wish would have been part of the musical i.e. The Roach but I was more than willing to over look that small detail. I appreciate their differences and I thorougly enjoy them both. If you are a fan of musicals and haven't seen this one I encourage you to do so. As with most musicals, and all entertainment for that matter, there are a few "adult" situations they could do without. I'm not really sure why they felt the need to add a little shadiness. The singing and dancing are enough to sell the show! But anyway, I had a great time! Not to mention Proctor and Gamble gave away "goodie" bags with some interesting items. A fun show and free stuff? Does it get any better than that?!


Kelly said...

FUN! I'm glad you go to go!!!!