Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Biggest Loser

Am I the only one that watches and loves this show? I've always liked it but this year I've really been into it. Maybe it is because I'm undergoing my own personal "biggest loser" adventure. I realize I don't have nearly as much weight to lose as some of the people on this show but when it comes to weight loss its less about the numbers and more about the problem. The problem for me is my love for food and my lack of self control. I realize self-control is a fruit of the Spirit and its mine for the taking. Weight has always been an issue for me but I'm praying for freedom from the bondage of it. Satan knows food is a weakness of mine and it is an easy target for him. I say all of that just to say that this show helps keep me in check. I know that sounds a little dumb but I think if they have the courage to bear all on national television and work out and eat right then I can too! And it certainly helps to know that I'm not alone! Again I don't compare myself to them in terms of weight and measurements. I just think we all share a common bond. I'm thankful to say that I am losing. Praise the Lord! Unfortunately it is a slow process. And I'm trying really hard not to get so focused on the weight loss that I lose sight of the real lesson. Learning to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and allowing HIM to be my daily bread! Sure anyone can go on a diet, exercise, and lose weight. But for me it's a spiritual battle and with the help of the Lord I intend to win!!
So...just for the record, the black team is my favorite! Most people don't like their trainer Jillian but I do! I think she's awesome! And I'm really rooting for one of her members to win it all!


Kelly said...

I love love L-O-V-E the biggest loser! My favorite part is the last couple of minutes where they show the person who got kicked off now. The more the show goes on - the more dramatic their loss is and it's amazing!
I wish this show inspired me but I usually sit and eat ice cream while I watch it!

RachelM said...

Hey Hillary!
Of course I remember you! What a small world! I'm excited to have another blog to read.
I'm not a Biggest Loser fan but I'd probably be with Kelly...eating ice cream while watching!!