Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sleet Day

I was really bummed when I found out we were only expected to get sleet and ice instead of snow. I love at least one good, pretty snow. Luckily when sleet piles up it looks like snow to my almost 4 year old. Sadie was so excited about all the "snow." I will admit it has made for a nice couple of snow days with my people. Josh has been home with us too which is a huge bonus. 

While waiting to go outside the girls enjoyed a little down time. Such a rough life.
I told Sadie before she could play I wanted a picture. She tried really hard to get her sister to cooperate. It's an impossible task these days.
They sure look cute in their cold weather clothes that are 2 sizes too big. I bought new clothes this year and wanted them to wear them at least two years. Mission accomplished. 
Yeah, Sophie was done.
Sadie was so excited to sled. I actually think she remembered it from the year before. Josh's homemade sled isn't fancy but it is perfect for these two crazies. 
It was so cold. A little hard to enjoy it when you're freezing your face off.
Sadie is almost always willing to stop and pose for a picture...
...Sophie is not. You have to catch that girl on the move. 

After their fun outside it was time for pajamas again.
Both girls are really into playing with each other right now. Well, Sophie always wants to play with Sadie. Sadie isn't always as enthusiastic but she is getting better. 
A day off isn't complete without some rest time. We have all enjoyed our time at home together. Looks like we get another day today as well. It's nice for a few days but I'm officially ready for spring.