Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friday the13th

I'm still trying to get the party post finished but I sure couldn't leave out pictures from Sadie's actual birthday. Since she is a 13th baby it was sure to land on a Friday at some point. Lucky for her it happened on her very first one. Even though her party was on Saturday I wanted her birthday to be special. I made her a cute outfit to wear and figured we'd go eat lunch then maybe go get a treat. The day didn't really go as planned but it was a great birthday anyway.
Sadie had lunch at Sam's. She had chicken fried steak, hummus, chicken cordon bleu, oranges, cheese, muffins, lemonade and I may or may not have let her have a tiny sip of iced coffee. I am pretty sure it was the best meal of her life. After lunch we went back to my mom's house so she could nap and so I could decorate for the party. At this point my only picture of her in the dress I made was on my phone so after her nap we went outside for a little photo shoot. The sun came out right in the middle so to save time from editing every picture I made them 1960'sish for now. :)

Here she is dancing. I don't know what she was dancing too because there wasn't any music but that didn't stop her. I taught her if you open your mouth when you dance it makes you a better dancer. She has taken that to heart.

All of these pictures had to be taken on a blanket because she does not like the grass at my parent's house. She is a little prissy.


Bethany said...

Beautiful outfit! You are so talented! Of course it helps to see it on such a beautiful little girl :)

Laura said...

So cute!!! She is adorable & so is the outfit!

Darci said...

her outfit is SO cute and of course, she is too! :)