Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve so let the fun begin!

Sadie actually had a visit from Santa this morning but I will wait and share those pictures later. Let's just say she LOVES Santa. :)

For today I want to wish you all a wonderful time with your families. This morning I was thinking how today and tomorrow are not happy celebrations for everyone. Josh and I each have a grandparent who is still grieving the loss of their spouse, a friend remembering her sweet daughter who is in Heaven, a friend with a broken heart, and a number of friends longing for a baby or a husband. With all the JOY this time of the year brings I know not everyone feels it.

So for today I pray above all the GOD OF PEACE will touch your heart and bless your family.

Merry Christmas!

I leave you with some pictures I took of Sadie before church last week. We have some before and some after pictures. :)


His Doorkeeper said...

Hillary, i don't comment much but I do keep up with you on Twitter and love, love , love all the pictures of sweet Sadie! She is such a honey but growing up much too quickly!! Love her in her little Christmas dress with the red shoes...she's stylin'!!!!

You and Josh have a blessed Christmas with Sadie and we love you all!

Mr. and Mrs. B said...

glad to know that we aren't the only ones who can't keep those little red shoes on!! I even sewed some red ribbon on them so that I could tie them on, and they still come off fairly regularly!!!

Claire said...

Oh, what a precious girl! A very Merry Christmas to you all!


Bethany said...

So glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Looks like Sadie had a great time celebrating Jesus' birthday :) I LOVE that smocked dress with the nativity scene. Absolutely precious!