Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Yes, I'm alive! I've just been so busy these days! I have pictures and things to post from the last couple of weekends but there is no time for that now. I've been spending all of this week getting ready for "Wedding Weekend" that starts today. My friend Holly and Josh's friend Justin are getting married on Saturday! Yea! I'm excited! I have just had so much to do to get ready for it. It's going to be a long but wonderful weekend. And even better, I get to visit a few friends in NWA on Sunday! Can't wait to see all of you! So next week I'll do my best to get caught up and to post pictures from the wedding weekend.

Right now I'm just buying time until it is time to go walk. My mom and dad have started walking 9 holes of the golf course near their house. It's quite a walk! I did it yesterday for the first time and it wore me out. I think it will be good to have something other than the elliptical at the gym to do. I like to change things up a bit.

OK, enough stalling. I must go. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you think about it pray for perfect weather on Saturday. The wedding is outside in a field. So no rain and cool breezes would be ideal!


Kelly said...

Have so much fun - I can't wait to see pics!!!
Hoping I'm one of those nwa friends who gets to see you!

Lauren said...

So good to hear from you Hillary!!! Have a GREAT weekend!! :)