Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

 Last weekend was full of fun! We started out our Saturday with a birthday party for one of our favorite neighbors, Allee. Sadie was so excited to wear her Rapunzel dress.
She owned her role as a princess. She had so much fun at the party. 
I'd be lying if I said she didn't have a moment of insanity where a fit was involved. Three is just hard. She managed to recover and enjoy herself. 
Both girls loved the indoor play area. The slide was fast and that made Sadie very giddy. 
 This girl is just wild. Her daddy chased her everywhere. She wanted to be in the middle of everything and she was.
 The only time he could keep her in one spot for more than 60 seconds was when a balloon was involved.
 The party favors were also a hit. The second we walked into the door Sadie asked to use her new paints. She painted all afternoon and the next day. Amazing.
 Saturday night our beloved Hogs played Bama and endured a heartbreaking loss. I am still sad. I know we're a good team but I am ready for the wins and losses to reflect that. We love our Hogs!
Sunday, of course, we had church. I like to try and take their pictures before we leave but that isn't always a reality. I love these two little ladies. They make me want to lose my ever-lovin' mind on some days but I can't think of anyone sweeter I'd want making me crazy.


Jill said...

Three is hard? Please don't tell me that. I've been holding on to the fact that three will be easier than two. HA!

They look so little in that Sunday morning picture...love.