Monday, July 15, 2013

Sophie's Birth Day

*Sorry for the poor picture quality. Still posting from my phone.*

Last Wednesday, July 10, I was scheduled to be at the hospital at 7:30am to be induced. Boy was I ready. I took one last picture before heading out.

My mom came to our house to be with Sadie and take her to school. It was so nice knowing Sadie would be with people she loved while mommy and daddy were away.
I was so nervous there wouldn't be a bed available once we got to the hospital but I was wrong. We arrived and were checked in immediately. It took a little while to get everything hooked up but eventually the pitocin was flowing, my water had been broken and we just waited.

And enjoyed a gourmet breakfast of this yumminess.

I was a tad nervous about getting my epidural. It didn't go so well with Sadie. I'm so thankful that this time was so much different. Everything went great and I was pain free and sleepy in no time.
We waited a while and I kept a close eye on the monitors. I was so nervous for some reason. Not sure why. It took a while to get going but by 3:30 I was 6cm and by 4:25 I was starting to push. Sophie was born 10 minutes later. Earlier that day when my water broke my doctor said there was meconium in it so Sophie would need to be seen by the NICU nurses right away for examination. As soon as she was born they suctioned her and passed her off so the nursing team could check her out. It was hard because they couldn't let her cry right away. It only took a few minutes but seemed like an eternity. Eventually I heard that sweet sound. Josh was able to see her and be with her but it took forever for me to get to hold her.

Eventually I was able to hold my baby girl. She was perfect if every way.

A little hungry and cold but perfect.

I am so blessed and thankful to have her here safely.

God is so good. We love her so much.


DARA GATES said...

The 9 months is over and you have a healthy baby girl. She is beautiful!

DARA GATES said...

She's beautiful!