Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hospital Stay

I have a lot more pictures on my real camera but who knows how long it will take before I get to those so here's a look at our hospital stay.

From the second Sophie was born we all thought she looked so much like Sadie. Who knows if they will always look alike but here's proof that they do.

They are each a day old in this picture. It's crazy!

Anyway...we had lots of fun visitors at the hospital but they are all on my other camera. One cool thing that has changed since Sadie was born is how they do hospital photos. While there a photographer came in to take Sophie's picture. She set up shop in the corner of the room and here's a sample of what she took.

Every picture was so good! All 36 of them. I'm thankful our hospital provides this service.

I love our hospital. The nurses and staff are fabulous and I admit I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. We spent quality time admiring our new little girl and just relaxed. I chose to send Sophie to the nursery both nights and what a good decision that was. I slept well and felt refreshed.

Eventually it was time for us to head home. I was sad to leave but ready to see my big girl. I wasn't able to get good phone pictures of her going home outfit but these will have to do.

Tomorrow I will post the pictures of Sadie meeting Sophie for the first time. It was such a sweet time. I love my girls!


Emily B said...

She is just precious! Congrats:)

DARA GATES said...

Sophie is perfection!

Cindy Bailey said...

Hillary, congrats on your precious Sophie. I read your blog occasionally and after seeing your new little one I just had to post on your blog. I read Kelly's Korner blog everyday and found your blog thru her. It'samazing how much your newest baby looks like her big sister. I remember seeing Sadie's pics as a baby and now to see Sophie she looks so much like her. By the way they are both adorable cuties.~
Cindy Bailey