Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to Work

After a couple of weeks off I started back to work last week. I actually hadn't planned to start back until next week but some things have changed as far as my job is concerned. I work at the same place but instead of being in a classroom I am now a director for the Mother's Day Out program. I still get to work the same hours which is such a blessing. I can already tell I am really going to like my new role.

Sadie was excited to go back too. She loves it there even if sometimes its hard to tell. :)

About to leave for our first day back.

Playing with the babies.

She loves the firetruck and the green horsey. :)

Mrs. Mona crowned her Princess Sassy Pants and Sadie wore her crown proudly. She rode home in it and even ate her lunch while wearing it. She takes her role as princess very seriously.

Sadie and I are so blessed to be around such wonderful people. I am thankful God opened up this door for us and I am excited about this new year!