Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sick Days

My little lady has been sick. Boo. She caught a nasty virus 2 Sundays ago and is just now getting over it. Hand foot and mouth isn't a very nice virus at all and we are praying it leaves our home for good. Luckily she didn't have any sores in her mouth so she has been fairly happy and pleasant the entire time. She has spent lots of time playing at home, taking long naps, and snuggling with mommy, daddy, and Jules. Even with a yucky virus though she is still the cutest baby in the world! In my opinion, of course!


Lauren said...

She looks SO big!!!! Glad she's on the mend!!!! :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Awww, I hope she's feeling all better!! And how is she 11 months old?? Tell me! ;)

Ashley said...

Hi Hillary, I found your blog b/c I just started following you on Twitter b/c I know alot of others that follow you (Kelly Stamps, Karah, Ashley McWilliams, Amy Tippins, etc.) But I just had to agree w/ you that hand foot & mouth is the WORST! I have a little one that is just 2 days younger than Sadie (who is, by the way, an absolute doll) and we just had it too! It was NOT FUN! But we were lucky just like Sadie b/c Emmalee didn't have any spots in her mouth so she was happy-go-lucky almost the whole time she had it.

I'm glad we're both over it!