Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Invitation

Sadie's 1st Birthday Party was this past weekend. We had a great time! I will blog party pictures and details soon but first I wanted to share the invitation with you. My friend Tricia did a WONDERFUL job on these. She takes custom orders (on lots of fun things) so you can find her e-mail on her blog. Trust me, you will LOVE everything she designs.
I told Tricia I wanted a graphic for the invitation and party that had to do with the "You Are My Sunshine" theme. She couldn't have designed anything more perfect! I mean a sunshine with a bow! Does it get any better than that for Sadie's party?! No. No it does not.

Thank you, Tricia! Everything you design for me is my new favorite. :)


Lacy said...

So cute..

She is just gorgeous I love the photo you chose for the back!!

Darci said...

just adorable...both sides of the invite! ;)

sadietalk said...

Sadie is adorable and that invitation is so so cute. I love it. That sunshine with the bow just makes it. I also love the sunshine applique you had designed especially for her party outfit. I hope she is feeling better!

Jessica said...

Cute, Hillary! I saw your pictures on my good friend, Ashley Richardson's, photo blog. Ashley and I graduated high school together- small world! : )