Friday, December 23, 2011

I Spy

Yesterday while Sadie was playing I took a good look at her "toys" and there is quite a variety of things she plays with.

I Spy...

A parent's choice diaper box (she blows raspberries on this)

A bulb syringe (don't worry, we don't use this one in her nose)

A post-it note holder

An orange storage bowl

Plastic lids

A stuffed frog with a teething toy around its arm

A Christmas serving tray (she LOVES this)

Empty water bottle

A mirror (I have an entire post to write about this)

A few rattles, including a diamond ring

A few teething toys

And a few rings

Not pictured is a set of measuring spoons, the boogie wipe container, another Christmas tin and more water bottles.

Who needs real toys??!!?


Lindsey said...

My little girl loves the boogie wipe container too! Funny!! Side note, Boogie wipes are the best thing ever for babies snotty noses! BEST!

Andrea said...

This is too funny, my daughter is the same way. She loves playing with a bulb syringe, haha

Bethany said...

I spy...the very cutest PJs ever! She looks so cute in her cupcakes :)

Toys are soooo overrated. Hopefully Santa brings her some more "non-toys" to play with :)

Kyle and Darci said...

too funny!! such a random selection of toys!

PS I love her PJs!

Kelly said...

Haha...I'm reading this post on my tablet in the kitchen and I just got finished putting my last batch of Christmas cookies on that same serving tray...Hobby Lobby is the best! Sadie gets cuter and cuter with each post you put up on your blog!