Sunday, December 4, 2011

Growing Up

I feel like Sadie is growing up way too fast and I don't know how to slow it down. She is so much fun right now but sometimes my arms ache for the tiny little newborn I held only a few months ago. I just want to cherish every second with her because the seconds aren't lasting long enough.

The last couple of weeks have had a couple "growing up" milestones. Maybe they aren't technically milestones but to us they are a big deal.

From day one Sadie hasn't been a huge fan of her paci. The Avent paci is the only one she liked well enough to take. She would take it and luckily it would do the trick but she never really loved it. I would give it to her at bedtime and in the car. Many times she'd suck on it a while then take it out and play with it. When she was really tired and in her car seat she would suck herself to sleep but that was about the extent of her paci love. I continued to keep giving it to her because she never refused it. I would watch her on the video monitor and more times than not she was slinging it around like a toy.

On Twitter (of course) a couple of weeks ago the paci topic came up. Several other moms said they wish they'd taken it away when their infant stopped showing interest in it because the battle of taking it away as a toddler wasn't so great. That got me thinking. Since Sadie doesn't really love it maybe I should take it away. I didn't want to be forcing a bad habit on her if she didn't need it. She was sleeping just fine at nap and bedtime so what was the point really?!

So....I stopped giving it to her. At first I just did it and didn't think about it. A couple of days into it I started getting sad. My baby doesn't have a paci anymore. She is a big girl now. I have many pictures of her with a paci the size of her face in her little mouth. It still makes me sad to think about but I think overall it was a good decision.

I almost caved a couple of times (actually I did this morning when she was starving but she spit it out, thank goodness) just to calm her but I'm glad I haven't. She doesn't "need" it so I'm not going to give it to her.

Let me clarify something though, if she LOVED her paci and it helped her sleep and soothed her then you can guarantee she'd still have it. I'm not at all saying pacis are bad. I love them and I know a lot of other parents and their babies love them too. I just didn't want to force her to take them and then turn around and take them away.


We've had another big change going on here this week.

Sadie is now officially off of Nutramigen. GLORY! This formula isn't cheap and since she no longer needs it I am thankful to move her onto something else. She has done great on Gentlease (store brand) so far. No spit up or anything. She has a little gas but I'm hoping it improves once she gets used to it. She has only been on the new formula 4 days and part of that time it was mixed with her old formula. It doesn't seem to fill her up as well though so we've been working on getting her belly full.

Lots of things going on with my little Sadie Lady.

She is growing up.


Ashley said...

:( It makes me so sad! They really are growing up so fast. Both of those big girl changes are for the best, though. So glad she has done so well!

The Anglin Family said...

They grow up soo fast:( But it's so amazing to watch them grow!!
And I had one on Nutramigen and that stuff is def not cheap!

The Rohman Family said...

Yes, next thing you know, she'll be off formula and bottles, too. Doesn't it fly by? Good choice on the pacifier, IMO.