Thursday, December 22, 2011

Double Trouble

My sweet little baby has had a rough few days. Monday morning I was feeling her gums and to my surprise I felt the top of a little tooth. Glory. You couldn't see it but you could feel it. Sadie could definitely feel it. A couple of days later I noticed she actually has both bottom teeth trying to come through. Bless her little teething heart. Luckily though, after this afternoon, I think the worst part is over as far as these two teeth are concerned.

As if cutting two teeth weren't enough yesterday Sadie felt hot so I took her temperature. 100.7. Teething? That's what it seemed like. By the time she went to bed last night it was better. It was also better this morning. Before her morning nap I noticed she felt hot again. I took her temperature and it was 101.7. Hmmm...that seemed a little high for teething. I decided to go ahead and make an appointment. Since Christmas is coming up I wanted to make sure it wasn't something else besides teething. I went to get her up so we could go to her appointment and she was burning up. She had a fever of 103.1 and she was PITIFUL. It broke this momma's heart. I quickly dressed her (and yes I put her in a Christmas shirt and put a bow in her hair) and we headed out to the doctor.

Here she is sleeping in her car seat while in the waiting room. Sweet baby.

I'm so glad I decided to take her in. She registered a fever of 104 at the doctor's office and we found out she has a double ear infection. I had a feeling it might be an ear infection but she had been sleeping and napping relatively well (only gotten up once the last two nights) so I wasn't sure. She never really pulled on her ear any more than normal and she had been eating just fine (until today). She is now on an antibiotic and I'm sure she'll be back to herself in no time.

The ONLY "good" thing about her being sick, I use that word loosely, is that she has wanted to cuddle with her momma. My girl is not a cuddler so I have spent a lot of my time holding her today. I hate she feels bad but I love having her in my arms.

Luckily, ibuprofen is such a wonderful thing that not all day was full of pitiful tears. After getting her medicine she has been very happy and has enjoyed playing.

Her double trouble has changed our holiday plans just a little bit but we're obviously more concerned with having a baby that feels like herself.


The Anglin Family said...

I hope she feels better quick!!! She still looks precious sick! She is the cutest baby!

Lacy said...

I hope she feels better very soon.. Poor little girl.. Aiden had a lot of ear infections last year, I'm praying he doesn't have any this year.. Will be praying for a fast recovery for Miss Sadie..

I love love love her pj's.. :)

Alex and Jill said...

Oh that first picture breaks my heart. They are so pitiful when sick. I hope she feels better by Christmas. Love y'all!