Saturday, July 9, 2011

Looking Good

If you haven't already noticed I got a great new blog makeover! My friend Tricia designed it, of course. As you all probably know by now she designs everything of mine. I say this every time but I mean it this time, this might be my favorite design yet. It's so fun and colorful. She added some new things that I haven't set up yet but I will get them done soon.

Thanks again, Tricia! You know I'll be asking for you to design me something else soon I'm sure. Oh wait...I already have! :)

Anyway, you should all check Tricia out because she's great. And it looks like I might actually get to meet her in person SOON! YEA!!!!!!


Love from Texas said...

Haha! Just read your last post and I love what you said about "If your pet's name is Sadie..." I have a Knox and hate when I hear ppl use it as a dog/cat's name too. Well hate when anyone uses it now, since Brad and Angelina decided to have a Knox a month AFTER I had mine... Talk about making a trend out of a name ;) ...LOVE the new design!

Katie said...

Your new blog design is great! Love the poppy colors!

Alex and Jill said...

I LOVE the new design!!