Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's Plan It

As I mentioned in an earlier post in effort to get organized I bought a cheap planner. I thought I was doing a good thing because I was saving us money. The one I really wanted was around $50. That just wasn't going to work for us right now. I've used my cheap planner for a couple of weeks and...well...it doesn't have everything I need. Stink. What a bummer. I had to use it because there was still no way I could buy the one I wanted. Or so I thought.

Today my friend Erin posted about things she's loving right now. She had a planner posted that I really wanted AND you could get it for half price. WHAT?!?!?!?! And wouldn't you know there was actually another coupon code and I could get the $50 planner for $20. Yes, please. I went on and bought the deal (go here if you want it too) but it took me forever to decide which design to get. I debated and debated on it. I was also in the process of having calling cards designed by my friend Tricia (you should check her out) and I thought it would be good if they coordinated. :) They didn't have to be matchy-matchy but I didn't want them to clash.

Calling Cards

(my phone number is on there too but I didn't want to share it with everyone)


I changed the brown to black

I am very excited about my new things. I think they will both be really nice and helpful to have. My planner can help me stay organized and my calling cards can help me stay connected.


Jennifer said...

Both of those are super cute!!
I ended up going with the multi color taffy stripes. It was between that and the candy lace!
I cannot wait to get mine!

The Riedel Family - Confessions of a Marine Wife said...

For an extra $10 off, redeem Welcome10 on the Erin Condren site!

Taylor said...

I went with the candy lace also, in brown! I am SO excited to get mine!!!!

mrs.mfc said...

I got the Candy Lace one too!! I got the Mocha & Multi. I had so much trouble deciding which one to get!

Kim said...

Thanks for posting this! I was just looking at them today wishing I could get one but just couldn't justify $50!

Audra said...

I got one too!

All About the Armes' said...

Thank you SO much for sharing! I am ordering mine now! :o)

jodibrewer said...

I bought the planner, too! And also found that extra 20% off code. I can't wait to get it!