Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Gathering

I'm so behind on my posting. I hate being this behind but work has kept me busy. Luckily I only have 4 more days. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be sure and get caught up on everything by next week.

A few weeks ago Mom, Sadie, and I went to spend the day with some family on my mom's side who hadn't met Sadie yet. It was a full day and she got to see lots of my favorite people. Even some of my family from Georgia got to see her. They were all so sweet to bring her neat gifts.

Poor Sadie is scheduled to a fault and she was a little fussy around nap time. When the girl is ready to sleep she is READY to sleep. Other than that she did really good. Here are some pictures from the day.

All ready to go.

Cousin Joyce

Cousin Cathy

Cousin Taylor

Cousin Grace

Aunt Rosie

Aunt Rosie,Granny, Aunt Ruby

Lunch time

Aunt Pat

Sweet Sadie Lady

Uncle Johnny

Wardribe change. These boots were my sister's. My Papa bought them when my mom was pregnant with her. They actually didn't even know she was a girl yet.

Cousin Greg


Four Generations

Putting on a show.

Auntie Court

I was so glad that Sadie was able to meet even more of her family. They all love her very much and she is blessed to have them in her life


Lacy said...

She is just too precious.. The cowboy boots are just adorable.. I love babies in boots.. haha :) So cute!!

Alex and Jill said...

She is so cute!! She's a good baby to let everyone pass her around like that. LOVE her. And I'm so excited that you only have 4 days left!!

Leslie said...

The boots and Sadie's outfit are adorable! Next time ya'll are in Cville, give Cody a call. We would love to see you all for a little while!

Lauren said...

Those boots!!!!!!!!!!!!! I die!!!! :)