Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 Months Old

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sadie, you are 3 MONTHS OLD. It's hard to believe. You have changed so much this last month. I feel like you really transitioned from a newborn to a baby. And your looks have changed a lot too. You're still as pretty as ever but it is getting harder to determine who you look like. In one picture you look just like your daddy and in the next picture you look like me. I guess you just look like Sadie. :)

It's hard to tell in these pictures just how much you've grown but you can definitely see the extra leg rolls you've developed recently. They might be one of my favorite things about you.

You wear mainly size 3 month clothes but you still have some 0-3 month that fit you. I've put you in a couple of size 3-6 month things for the length but most of those are still a little big.
You wear a size 1 diaper both day and night. We will probably move up to a size 2 at night soon.

I don't have your official stats because your next appointment isn't until next month.

You are still taking Nutramigen formula. You get about 27 ounces a day. You take 5 bottles with 5 ounces and your last bottle only has 2 ounces. I've added some apple juice to your 10am bottle to help move things along when needed. :) Your last bottle of the day has rice cereal in it. You seem to really like it. I've been working hard on getting you to drop your last bottle. Right now you take it at 9:00pm and you sleep until 7:00am. The goal is for your last bottle to be around 7 or 7:30.
Speaking of sleeping, since you've decided to be a big girl and roll over we've had to stop swaddling you. The first night was rough but you seem to be getting more used to the freedom. You always end up sideways in the corner.
You still don't take a paci super well. You like it every once in a while but you don't have to have it to sleep. You've also started cuddling with one of your lovies. It's very sweet. It's a pink bunny and most of the time you just chew on its ear.
You put anything and everything into your mouth. You suck hard on your hand and you drool A LOT. I think you might be an early teether. We might not see any teeth for a while but you seem to be getting your gums ready.

You are working hard on controlling your arms and hands. You're getting better about grabbing onto things with purpose. You enjoy grabbing and pulling my hair now. I, however, do not enjoy it. Anytime there is a toy or something in front of you, you concentrate and try your best to get it or move it. Sometimes you succeed and other times you don't. You'll get there though. You have also started enjoying sitting up in your bumbo. You don't like to sit in it too long because it wears you out. Although you have good neck control you can't hold your head steady for too long.
You LOVE being on the floor. You don't care if it's on your play mat or just a quilt. I think you enjoy being able to stretch out and kick your legs.
You have developed a love for TV. If it is on your eyes are glued. You could seriously watch it all day long but luckily I make you do other things.
You have been laughing for a while now but you've recently started squealing in laughter. You crack yourself up. Although you get a little loud sometimes it is music to my ears. You smile and talk all the time too. It is just the sweetest. Unfortunately you're more focused on the camera than on smiling when I take your picture now. We need to work on that.

You really are such a good baby. You hardly ever fuss now unless you're completely exhausted or your reflux medicine has worn off. You're just content and your daddy and I love that. You are truly the greatest joy in our lives and we can't remember what life was like before you came. It certainly wasn't as sweet as it is now. This has been the best 3 months we've ever had.
We are blessed to be your parents and we thank God for giving you to us.
We love you, Sadie Lady.


Kelly said...

She is JUST precious!!!!

Lacy said...

She is so adorable.. Love her little facial expression's in the pictures..

I see a lot of people talk about stopping the last bottle.. But I don't understand why? No judgement just curious..

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love the leg rolls! Precious!

Megan said...

Hillary she is just ADORABLE!! Love that baby girl!

Ashley E. said...

So sweet!!! I need to see her soon!

Kelly said...

Sadie is just cute as a button! I LOVE her facial expressions :)
-Kelly F.

Katie said...

Love your zebra print, Sadie! Happy 3 months! You sure are growing so fast.

Alex and Jill said...

Dear Sadie,

You're so stinkin' cute. We need to get together soon. :)