Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Fun

Since my parents were out of town for Josh's birthday on Friday they took us to dinner to celebrate it. Josh loves Gaucho's so that's where we went. It was sooooo good! Oh my word. But I ate way too much food!

Here we are....stuffed!!
After dinner we went to Mardel's. Josh wanted to look at books so I got a book of my own and had a seat in the comfy chair.

We already have our names picked out but I wanted to look through the book just in case I changed my mind. Nope. I like what we have so looks like we're going with them.
Saturday morning Josh took our youth on an outing but he let me skip out on it. They were going hiking and he was concerned I might fall. :) So I spent the day with my parents. First we went and got my mom a new phone. Then we headed to Hot Springs to look at a fabric store.

They had some really cute fabric. I took several swatches and lots of pictures. I found some other fabric I like today online so I'm not sure what I'll go with. I still have time to decide but it's nice to know what's out there.

Here's mom trying to figure out how to turn up the volume on her phone. She's a work in progress.
After a few more errands we went back to their house to watch the game. Dad watched it upstairs in "the hole" and I watched it downstairs.

Go Hogs Go! Unfortunately the game didn't go as I planned. I got a little (ok a lot) fired up about it. I just love the Hogs and really want them to do well. I'm going to try to settle down a bit. After's just a game. YEAH RIGHT!!! I ate a lot of these during the game because of all the nervous energy...

...I think they just fired me up even more. I'm really sad about the outcome but what do you do?? You move on, that's what. And what better way to move on than to make cookies.

Pumpkin Spice cookies with cream cheese icing. YUM!!

I was too full to try one that night so I waited until Sunday morning, when I woke up. :) They were soooooo good! To be a store bought mix I was really pleased. I'll be making them again. Maybe for Thanksgiving.
We had a great weekend. Unfortunately our apartment looks like a tornado came through it since we weren't there at all to tend to it. I'll be doing some tending to tonight!


Whitney said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Bill and I were SO fired up during the game. I was chopping tomatoes and the start of the 2nd half and Brad was afraid I'd hurt myself!

I need to try these pumpkin spice cookies. :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I haven't seen the pumpkin spice cookie mix! I'll be looming for it. I also like the BC sugar cookie mix. :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Uh...that should say looking not looming. :)

Jennifer said...

I have never seen those in the store. I will have to be on the hunt next week when I go grocery shopping!

Lynn said...

Sounds like you had an enjoyable time with your family! I am going to look for thpse pumpkin spice cookies on my next trip to the store!! YUMMO!!!
Have a great week!!

Ashley said...

I haven't seen that cookie mix before, but I'm I need to try it for sure! Anything with the words "cream cheese icing" attached to it is right up my alley! Sounds like a fun weekend to me! : )

Leslie said...

Hey girl....this is Josh's cousin Cody's girlfriend. Cody keeps saying next time we see you (which is only like once a year) he's going to tell you I'm your blog stalker so I'm going to confess, I follow your blog, ha! Check ours out sometime!

Alex and Jill said...

I couldn't even watch that game...made me so mad. Those cookies look yummy!