Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Game Day

This post is super late but I figure you aren't surprised!! September 4th was the Razorback opener in Fayetteville. Josh, my dad, and I headed to my sister's house on Friday night. We wanted to have plenty of time on Saturday to get ready for the game. What better way to start a game day than with breakfast at Cracker Barrel?!

Dad and Mom
Granny, Me, Josh

My sister was there too but the only pictures I have of her are with her foster daugther. Since there are rules about taking pictures of foster children I'll refrain from posting them on my blog. We sure did have fun with her over the weekend though.

After breakfast and a Walmart run we headed up to "The Hill" aka Fayetteville. The weather was glorious! We couldn't have asked for better weather! Our plan was to sit at my parent's spot for a while then head up to their friends spot across from the stadium.

I should add here that at one point my mom and I walked to Charlie's chicken to get some lunch. I LOVE CHARLIE'S CHICKEN and I miss is so much. It was as good as I remember.

Tusk 3 made his debut at this game. It sad to see the passing of Tusk 2 but I know we're all in good hands.
Unfortunately those are all the pictures I took...I know, I know. I went back and forth on whether or not to take my camera but I didn't want to take a purse so it would have been a hassle. And since Josh and I will be back at several more games I'll take more pictures then.
When we left here we headed up to see friends and had a great time. Before we knew it, it was game time. Things didn't start out so well but luckily the Hogs got in their groove and made some things happen. I'm REALLY nervous about our game this weekend with Georgia. I love Georgia but I'm hoping we have a BIG WIN!
For an added bonus I wanted to include a picture of the meal my parent's made for Josh and I on Labor Day...
It was DIVINE!! I'll have another, please!


Lauren said...

So fun! I was going to say “Go Gators” but I’ll refrain. Oh whoops, did I say it???? :) Ha! I’ll say wooo pig sooie for you, only because you’re not playing us this season! LOL!

Laurie said...

WE love Charlie's Chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!! You introduced me to it!

Ashley E. said...

I'm nervous about Georgia too!!!