Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Randomness

Let me just say that I was THRILLED when the weekend finally rolled around. I had to be at work SUPER early this week which was not fun. What made it even worse is that Josh was busy at the church all week and didn't get home every night until around 12:30 am!!! So needless to say we barely saw each other. This past week was World Changers at our church. It's a really neat opportunity for our church and community but it's a lot of work. One way our youth got involved was by selling snacks to the other students during free time. This was also a way for our youth to earn some money for their summer camp. Since Josh is the youth minister he did all the work of setting up of the "Snack Shack" and getting it ready to go every day. Since I had a crazy work week I didn't go to church at all until Friday. I wanted to be sure and see what all Josh had been up too that week. He was very nice to give me a tour of the Snack Shack...and then take me to dinner...and then make me a snow cone!!

The snack shack was converted from a mobile army mess hall that one of our church members bought. It's really neat!

They served all kinds of great things!

Even played some jams...including Shaun Groves.

Here's Josh making me a snow cone. He knows how much I love them.


Grape and Cherry...delicious.

Saturday I spent ALL DAY CLEANING! Who would have thought a 650 square foot apartment could take you all day. OK, by "all day" I mean 5 hours or more. That's a lot of the day. :) After all my hard work I took a nap, bought some patterns online, ate dinner, and then it was time to embroider. My mom bought some bags the other day and wanted me to embroider them. She's thinking of getting some more as gifts but wasn't sure what fonts would look best so I tried a couple out.

This bag was pretty easy to monogram on and thank goodness it went on straight.

I really like this font.

The second bag was not as easy. There was a lot of elastic in the band. I finally got it situated and everything was going along great until the elastic moved and the metal snap got in the way. Sewing machines don't really like metal snaps.

I broke my first needle. Luckily I had extra ones!

The bag turned out really cute though. And it's on straight too (although it doesn't look like it in this picture).

This is one of my new favorite fonts. I have a feeling my mom has lots of things in mind for me to embroider in the coming days.


Heather said...

Hilary, that is the cutest little snack shack! (say that 3 time's fast!:)) I love the bags that you monogrammed, so cute!! I went to a sno cone stand tonight with the fam, only to find out it is closed on Mondays!! Bummer!! Glad you had a great weekend!

Faith said...

So cute! I would definitely keep extra needles on hand because it won't be the last time something happens. I've learned that the hard way! You're doing so great!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Girl, you are one sewing machine!!!! One of these days I'll get my sewing masterpiece from you :) Glad you had a great weekend!!

mjellis said...

What a fun weekend! I love those bags - too cute!

Alex and Jill said...

You are making so many cute things!!

Jim and Suzanne said...

Look at you - these are great - you are very good at this - have people started commissioning you for work yet - get ready! ;)

Annie said...

you are talented lady!! everything is super cute!! :)

p.s. new follower....found you randomly through lauren kelly ;)

Embellished Bayou said...

Love the fonts you used! Would you mind sharing where you got them or what they are called? I just recently got an embroidery machine and have been having lots of fun playing around with it and finding new designs & fonts.


Marla said...

Those bags are too cute! And I love the fonts you used (especially the last one!).