Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend Recap

This has been a really great weekend! Even though I didn't get everything crossed off of my to-do list I still was able to get a lot of things done.

Friday night Josh and I went with some of our youth and adult helpers to eat at Chili's and then bowling. I'm not a big bowler so I just sat around and cheered.

Josh, however, did bowl. He's very serious and competitive in anything he does so it was no surprise that he took his time and was patient before his release of the ball.

Getting his mind and body ready...

...and away it goes.

He did pretty well but I'm ashamed to admit I don't remember his score. The point is that we all had a great time of "fellowship" as any southern baptist would say. I look forward to when we can fellowship again.

Saturday I had planned to finish unpacking from my recent trips, work on some sewing projects, and then make my mom her Mother's Day gift. It became apparent that our apartment need a little more of my time and TLC. We've lived there almost 7 months and I've yet to get things settled. I spent most of Saturday trying to do just that. I hate that my sewing projects are still lingering but it feels so good to have some things cleaned out and organized. Hopefully it will make me feel less guilty when I sit down at my machine this week to sew and embroider.

After my hard work I took an hour nap then went to Wal-mart for a few things I needed to make my mom her gift. There is a sugar cookie recipe that my mom LOVES! The recipe actually came from a Tri Delt house mom of a lady my mom used to work with. Since I was a Tri Delt myself I consider them "sister" cookies. :) My mom could seriously eat the entire batch. She's always asking me to make them for her and I never do. Cookies are not my favorite thing to make from scratch because it seems like they keep reproducing and you end up baking for hours. Well since Josh and I have a small budget and since my mom doesn't need or want a thing I decided cookies were a brilliant idea. Plus I actually like the cookies myself so I figured it'd be nice to have a few before my diet starts back. I thought I'd include the recipe in case anyone else would like to try them. These sugar cookies are not the super soft kind but they have a great flavor and I imagine they'd be wonderful with icing.

Best Ever Sugar Cookies

1 cup granulated sugar

1 cup powdered sugar

1 cup butter or margarine

1 cup salad oil

2 beaten eggs

2 tsp vanilla

5 cups sifted flour

1 tsp soda

1 tsp cream of tartar

1/4 tsp salt

Cream together the sugar and butter or margarine. Combine the remaining ingredients and mix well.

Roll dough into balls and cover with sugar.

Using the bottom of a glass, press the dough flat.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes or until lightly brown.

These cookies need to set a little before you eat or they will crumble.

A Happy Mother's Day, indeed!

Today is Mother's Day and I have yet to see my mom or give her the cookies. I was able to spend part of the day with Josh's mom and sister. They drove to Little Rock this morning and met us for church. After church we took them to eat at Whole Hog BBQ. It's one of our favorite places to go. I hope his mom was OK with BBQ on Mother's Day. It sure was delicious. After lunch we all came back to our apartment and Josh's mom and sister were able to take the 30 second tour.

Josh and I were so glad to have a visit from his mom and sister. He and I are blessed beyond words with wonderful mothers who love us unconditionally. Josh loves his mom dearly just as I love mine.
If it weren't for my mom I don't know where I'd be. She's always sacrificed for herself in order to give to my sister and I. When I'm a mom I want to be just like her! I love you, Mom! You're the best! And thanks for always doing our laundry! :)
For me this Mother's Day is a happy time. A time to celebrate and honor my mom and other mothers I know. Today has also been a sad time as I think about one of my best friends who feels the loss of her daughter today, and as I think about friends who feel the loss of not yet being able to be called "mom", and as I think about friends who feel the loss of their own mothers. I'm just so thankful that in all of these feelings, God knows. He binds up the broken hearted and He heals all wounds. Praying that God gives each of you HOPE on this Mother's Day!


Lauren Kelly said...

Beautiful post!!!!

Hope your momma had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!!!

Katie said...

The cookies look delicious! Love you.

Faith said...

What a fun weekend! Those cookies looks so yummy. Glad you guys were able to spend time with family. And, love your last paragraph - beautiful words.

Hope you have a great week!!

Lexie said...

those cookies do look good. I remember way back when, your mom used to make these cookies with a small snack size candy bar in the middle of them. YUM-O!