Friday, May 14, 2010

Family and Flowers

Yesterday after work I headed to my parents house because my aunt and uncle from Kansas City were in town. When I arrived everyone was outside. Apparently my mom thought that since she had some free labor sheds use it i.e. them for yard work. They had gone and bought lots of flowers and dirt and they were all hard at work.

What a mess!

Dad was supervising! And getting his game face on for the grilling he was about to do.

My mom, the instigator of this whole thing.

Some flowers...

Trees and more flowers....

Look, more flowers, although not sure what these are...

And last but not least, flowers.

They aren't finished with all the planting and of course they have more flowers than the ones shown. My mother sure is happy to have all these blooming things. Let's just hope they cooperate and live a long time. And thanks for visiting, Aunt Vicki and Uncle Danny. I hate that you'll never want to come back and stay again.

In other news I'm looking forward to a fun but busy weekend. Josh and I are having dinner with friends tonight, I have my hair bow making class tomorrow, I need to work on a few projects (pictures to come) and do some laundry. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Lauren Kelly said...

Beautiful flowers, at least not all the labor was in vain, haha!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

Ham Family said...

I just realized after reading through your entire blog that your "Aunt Vicki" is the "Aunt Vicki" that taught me swim lessons in Alma many, many years ago! What a small, small world!! I had totally forgotten that you guys were related; tell her I said hello!

Hope you have a great weekend; sounds like you're busy busy!!