Monday, December 21, 2009

A Quick Hello

Hi blogging friends!! I know it has been over a week since I've blogged and I will do my best to be better about it. In fact, I have some pictures to post from my weekend so I will do that soon. Just wanted to stop in for a quick "hello" and to ask you a question. For all of you sewing enthusiasts I need your advice. I currently sew on a small, inexpensive machine. So far it has gotten the job done but I have run into a few snags along the way. I'm contemplating upgrading to a new machine and possibly one that also embroiders. I know a lot of those are OUTRAGEOUS and it would take me years to save for some of them. So...

  • Should I get one that is less expensive just to try? I've seen some at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. They also have some cheaper, older models at some local sewing stores.
  • And if so, what if it compromises the sewing part of the machine? I want it to be good at both.
  • Should I upgrade to a better sewing machine and just wait on the embroidery part? I'm still a beginner and have lots to learn. Although the things I do make I'd like to embroider.
  • Should I keep using the one I have and save money and get a good one (and by this I plan on getting one that is used, not new)?
  • I've been looking and researching the Brother brand and the Husqvarna/Viking brand? Any others I should check out?

OK, I know I have more readers than the comments I usually get so PLEASE if you sew help me! I love sewing and I want to do lots of it so I can get better and better (my classes start back in Jan). I just want to make wise decisions before I spend what little money I have on a machine.


Jenn said...

I am a beginner sewer myself and I have been borrowing (wink wink) my sister's Singer sewing machine (from Sears) for the past few years. She used it once after her hubby bought it for her for Christmas one year. It is really nice and does a lot of neat stitches, but no embroidery.

I would say save up and get a new one or you can check on ebay or craigslist after Christmas. Maybe someone else got an upgrade and would want to sell the one they had.

Happy sewing! You'll have to do some tutorials on some of your projects!

Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Beth said...

I recently purchased a Babylock Ellure Plus -- it sews and embroiders. I think that Brother and Babylock are owned by the same company, and I do know that there is a Brother machine that does both. So you might look into one of those. I don't know what stores are down where you are, but in Fayetteville B Sew Inn is a good resource to get info from!

And yeah, ebay is a good place to look for embroidery machines....!

Jenna said...

I have no helpful sewing info - besides the number to the seamstress in town where I get my pants hemmed, ha! - but just wanted to say hi! It makes me happy when your name is bolded in my google reader. :-) Hope ya'll are doing well!!

Lisa said...

I just LOVE my Bernina machine. Mine is a quilting machine. There are some cheaper ones...and go up from there. I think my hubby paid about $1,000 for mine several years ago. You can add an embroidery machine later too. Check to see if you have a local dealer.

Hope this helps! Merry Christmas!

Lisa :)

Traci V said...

I was in your situation a year ago and I had a cheap machine from Walmart and my husband bought me a new Singer Confidence. I love it. Mine doesn't do any embroidery but I am able to sew anything with it from dresses, quilts and curtains. I have heard great things about Bernina but if you want a good machine look into the Singer Confidence line, they do have a machine in that line that embroiders just didn't get it because I wouldn't use it enough. Good luck and happy sewing.

Lauren Kelly said...

I'm with Jenna, don't have any sewing advice but glad to see you update!!!!! :) Hope you're having a great Christmas season!!! :)

Tara G. said...

First, I read your post above this one and I couldn't figure out why you were asking for advice on a sewer (like the buried in the ground stinky one!)!

My mom is a quilter and has machines coming out of her ears. She bought one for me for Christmas a few years ago; apparently she forgot that I dropped out of Brownies when we had to sew buttons on fabric. Anyway, mine is a Necchi. I try to pull it out once a month. And, in all honesty, I appreciate the gift because it is handy even though I am not so much. I know nothing other than my mom told me once to NEVER buy a machine from Wal Mart.