Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Updates

UPDATE: Got a message from Mandy. Still no real news except that they did another spinal tap and the results are better than the last time they did the test. They still aren't sure why she isn't responding to the medicine.
Shannon, Katie's sister-in-law has updated her blog. She said that Katie has gotten a lot of sleep today which is huge! It's been a problem for her to get uninterrupted sleep because of all the pain. Sleep is great! It gives her body time to heal. Keep the prayers coming! Today has certainly had its ups and downs. I've felt them and I know her family has 10 times more!

UPDATE: PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!! The doctor is concerned because the antibiotics should have helped at this point. He has ordered more tests for today. The family is in desperate need of some good changes in Katie. They are asking that people do not come up to this hospital at this point. They just want prayers until things are a little more stable.

Mandy, Katie's sister, just sent me an update. Unfortunately there is no real change. She slept better last night than the night before but she's still in a lot of pain and is nauseated. Her doctor ordered and EEG last night to check for seizures. They will know more about that this morning. Pray that seizures do NOT become a factor in any of this. At this point she has only been able to eat some jello and drink some juice. The IV's are providing enough nutrients for her and the baby at this point but eventually she's going to have to start eating. I'm going to the hospital later today so I'll update again this afternoon.
Everyone appreciates your prayers and words of encouragement!!


Robinson Family said...

Hillary, I am a close friend of Mandy's from Baylor. Thanks so much for keeping us updated as I know Mandy and family have more important things to contend with then simply passing on the info. Thanks also for your friendship with Katie during this. We'll pray for you as well. Keep us posted and let Katie know over fifty of my closest girlfriends and total prayer warriors are praying for her. ~Chara Robinson

Jenna said...

I am praying, sweet girl!

kate said...

Hillary...prayers from Oklahoma. For sure. hugs - k

Karen said...

Found your blog by way of Kelly's Korner, who asked for prayer for sorry, my goodness. I am praying for you. Dear Jesus, be her healer, today. Thank you God. Amen

ashley said...

It's Ashley (Katie's roommate from Baylor) THANK YOU for blogging updates - it's my only way of getting new information! I happened to be driving through Little Rock this afternoon on my way back to Dallas and stopped off to see the family - my heart is so heavy right now for them and we are praying!!