Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm baaaaack...Here's what you've missed!

Hanging out with Benjamin

Wedding reception at our church

We were unable to invite our church family to our wedding. Josh didn't take the position until after our wedding was planned and we were limited on space. Instead we decided to have a separate reception and show our wedding video. It was really nice.

10 year high school reunion

Friday night dinner before the reunion festivities.

ABHS Picnic

Sarah and Emma

Benjamin and Zach

Saturday night dinner.

The Fruities!!!

Studying and Cupcakes

Josh's Hebrew note cards.

Josh surprised me with cupcakes! He's my favorite!!!

David Crowder Concert

Fall Festival

Josh and I were in charge of the candy! Yum!!

I Voted

Ok, ok.... so I know it has been a while! It's just been a crazy month. I've started a new job and am trying to get accustomed to married life. It is my goal to be much better at this blogging thing now that you're up to date! I still read lots of blogs and also hope to get back to commenting. I miss my bloggers! Have a great weekend!


Katie said...

Hil, love, I'm been wondering when you were going to get back to blogging! I've missed you. ; )

So good to see all you've been doing.

Just make sure Benjamin doesn't take Zach's place in your heart! ; )

Laurie said...

A lot has happened! It all looks fun! David Crowder? WOW!

Kelly said...

YEAY!!!!!!!! It's about time!
If I can't see you or talk to you all the time - I at least need you to blog so I can know what you are up to. It will help me not miss you as much. said...

wow you have been busy!

Francine said...

so glad to have you back .. you were missed..

The Bunch Fam! said...

Okay, so I recognize the Gira. Square flavor and of course cookies and cream, but what are the others?

I'm so disappointed that he didn't get you a Black Tie fave.

And I'm even more disgusted that he was a block from me and didn't pop in to say hi. He owes me a cupcake.

Megan L Hutchings said...

I am so glad everything is going well ;)!

We have missed you!

Shannon said...

Those cupcakes look soooooo good! And I totally forgot you got to go see David Crowder!!!! Love him!