Monday, February 11, 2008

Wedding Planning At Its Finest

Since Josh and I got engaged on January 14th we've been busy getting all of the details for the big day worked out. We still have lots to do but we're finally making some progress. My mom and dad have been a big help in all of this craziness. In fact I think they've done more than I have. I should also mention that my dad's assistant, Laura, has also been a HUGE help. She will also be serving as our coordinator on the day of the wedding to make sure things get done and run smoothly. She's done a great job so far!! Here's kind of where I'm at with the planning.


  • Wedding Date

  • Location

  • Colors

  • Bridesmaids/Groomsmen

  • Ceremony Musician

  • Minister

  • Band

  • Save the Date cards

  • Invitations

  • Guest list (Josh has done a great job of getting his addresses)

  • Photographer

  • Rehearsal Dinner location

In the works:

  • Cake (meeting with a lady soon to discuss ideas and have a taste test-YUM!)

  • Dress (I think I've found "the one")

  • Bridesmaid dresses (this has been a challenge)

  • Song list for the band

Next on the list:

  • Finish getting all our addresses

  • Send out Save the Date cards

  • Wedding website

  • Flowers and Decorations**

Obviously there are a lot of others things that need to be done but since we still have 7 months and 8 days I can do some of those other things later on.

**I am trying to avoid using flowers on the tables at the reception and using very few flowers at the ceremony. I know flowers cost a lot of money and I'd much rather spend the money in other places. If any of you have ideas for centerpieces please let me know. I've seen a few things I like but I would definitely love to here thoughts from any of you!


ErinA said...

Hi! I found your blog through Kelly's blog who I found through someone else...haha. I love reading your blog. I am also getting married soon (06/07/08) and am all about not spending a ton of money on flowers, because, well...they die :( So we are using tall cylindrial vases that have an LCD light at the bottom. The light is covered with those crystal stones. Three orchid flowers are connected to a wire and spiraled up the vase and then submerged in water. It looks really neat with it all lit up. I hope you can visualize what Im trying to write. Just an idea for you. Let me know if you have anymore questions, cause we are definiltey trying to save money and have found great ways to do so! You might also want to join, they have message boards with tons of ideas!

Kelly said...

You have done SO well!!! I'm so impressed!!!!
The bridesmaid dresses will work out. And so will the decorations! It is going to be a beautiful and FUN weekend!
My little girl is getting married! :-)

Megan said...

September weddings-my favorite (our anniversary is the 15th). About decor, using glass, beads, mirrors and stuff is always good. Are you going with a fall theme? We didn't for our reception.

Caroline said...

Hobby lobby has things tht you can rent for the center pieces and it is always cheap to rent something for each table that deals with candles!!!!!

Harris Family said...

Martha Stewart's website has great ideas for parties and weddings. I have used a lot of her ideas! They are usually easy to make, cheap, and so cute!
It sounds like you are on top of things! Way to go!
Thanks for the text, by the way!!!

sas said...

Wow! You have gotten so much done!!! I am raelly impressed!Good for you.I would suggest The Knot for ideas for arrangements.I found almost all of my ideas there! Also, look for really good photography sites. In thier wedding gallery, they always have lots of great pictures. I found you through kelly. I have gone private, but if you are interested in reading, you can email me at Good luck on your wedding planning. I just got married in June. NOt sure of your colors, but I have pics. of my wedding on my blog as well as some of my friends!

Staci said...

How fun!! I'm not married so I love hearing about yours!! One thing I've seen for centerpieces is filling glass vases with water and putting live goldfish in them or floating candles. Another thing I've seen is instead of having one big cake, have individual cakes at each table and use the cake as the centerpiece. I don't know how it compares pricewise Anyways, hope that helps!

ashleydiggs said...

I'm not one on "butting" in and telling other people what to do but when Will and I got married 2 1/2 years ago, I swore up and down that I was not going to let my parents pay all of that money for flowers. Although I wanted real flowers, I went to Sam's where (at the time) you could get a bundle (25) of roses for I think $14.99 and my aunt arranged ALL of our flowers for us including bouquets and boutineers! You can order whatever colors you want! I also did alot of mirrors (mostly round) with different size candles on them on tables. They reflect off onto the ceiling and look really neat. Just a few ideas for you!

Leigh Ann said...

How fun planning a wedding. You are lucky to have all of that help! I'm so impressed with all that you have already gotten done!

Lena Warnock said...

Wedding planning is so much fun! I just got married last May, and I would love to be in your shoes again! I'd do it in a second :) Anyways, I am not sure what your wedding colors are, but I've been to lots of weddings that use coffee beans in candle vases with lots of candles around, I've seen jars with candy, I've also seen people use different kinds of nuts when they had lots of browns around. Being in September, you could use pumpkins, too! Just some ideas!

Meredith said...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Planning is such fun! My best friend is getting married Oct 11 and we are trying to come up with non-floral arrangements for the tables too. Probably candles...

Thanks for stopping by our page and commenting. (Todd is the new children's director at our church)

Melissa said...

hey I found your blog through carolines. I'm getting married june, I bet you're just as excited as i am :) some centerpiece ideas that i've seen:
1)mirrors with candles (if after 5 i hear)
2)three or five one stem vases. then you just have to have a few flowers per table.
3)candles and flowers.
4)little flower pots would be cute in a cute pot
i'm with you on flowers. they are so expensive!!
good luck planning.

Shel said...

I read a comment you left on LPM blog and wondered if I knew you since I know a couple blogging Hillary's. Read down through the blog and got to the question about centerpieces. I got married a while ago, (11 years). It was a Christmas wedding but could work at other times of the year. We used pretty artificial floral picks and ribbons in the colors of the wedding. A florist friend put them together and tied them on a short candle stick holder. We put a pretty votive cup from Home interiors in it and a votive candle to match the flowers. Then after the wedding, I used them and the pew decorations as gifts for those who helped with the wedding. Killed two birds with one stone. They were lovely and my friends and family still use them. It was perfect for gift table, cake servers, and guest book. For my bridesmaids I did that and something a little more personal. I only had two so it wasn't as hard to do. I still use many of my wedding decorations at Chritsmas time, so if you have seasonal decor it works. Depends on your colors but it is a cost saving way to go, and it made me feel better about all these decorations that won't be used again.

Mia said...

Good Luck with your wedding planning!