Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Showers of Blessings!!

Saturday morning I was priviliged enough to help host a baby shower with some of my best friends for one of our best friends. I've known Jenny since high school and she's one of my favorites! In fact all of the girls involved in the shower are some of my favorites and to be honest they are part of the reason I named my blog "Fruit Basket." Our moms helped out with the shower too!

The Fruits (minus Laura...we missed you!)

Our Mothers

We all arrived to Afton's home to get ready for the shower. There were lots of things to get done before the guests arrived!

Katie and Afton making the punch.

The guests drank out of Sippie Cups! What a cute idea, Afton!

We had lots of fun at the shower! Jenny got some really nice things! And of course no shower is complete without a game or two. Katie put together a Celebrity Baby game for all to enjoy!

Katie, Jenny, and Benjamin

Baby Game! Match the celebrity with their baby(ies).

Our first and second place winners!

To top it all off Zach joined in on the fun!

Jenny presented us with our hostess gifts...monogrammed aprons! I love mine! It has a "B" for my soon-to-be last name! Thanks, Todd!


Megan said...

I see my cousin Suzanne and Aunt Cheri! Your group of friends is so sweet. Sarah and I were at the same wedding a few weeks ago. It was good to see her. What a creative game! I think I could've taken first place. Jenny looks great!

Kelly said...

What a fun shower and what a cute/sweet hostess gift!!!!

Laurie said...

That looks like a really fun shower. I like the idea of drinking from sippy cups. Too funny. Really neat that your Moms helped too.

Staci said...

I LOVE the idea of drinking out of sippie cups and the celebrity baby game! I'm all about the games! What a fun time!

Harris Family said...

What a precious shower! You girls are so cute! Katie and her mom had some great and fun ideas! I really like the name game...I may have to borrow that idea sometime!

Harris Family said...

I also have to say...I really love your new blog! I want mine redone cute!!!

Guy & Julie said...

I am really cracking up because Jenny and Todd were some of my friends in college. Jenny and I pledged together, and Todd and I were on a European Study trip together. And Jill and Sarah (the two "winners") and I were all speech path majors together and took every single class together all 4 years of college, it seemed like! And Jill and I pledged together, and our husbands were roommates, and we see them several times a year. I could go on... What a small world!

Cute shower--the sippy cups is a funny idea. And the aprons you guys got are ADORABLE!

walkers said...

oh the fruities- love seeing pics of you all together. what a blessed basket you have indeed!

Lisa said...

Hi Hillary!
You are all too cute for words! And your moms, are too! :)

Tell your friend Afton that she has great taste in clothes. I own that black and white patterned dress, too! I have a picture of me in it on my blog from back in August or September. It's the dress I met Max Lucado in. Woo-hoo!

Blessings to you,
Lisa :)