Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's Official!

As some of you already know the job search for Josh is now over! He is to be the new youth pastor at Lifeline Baptist Church in Little Rock starting February 17th. He and I are both excited about the church. Of course it is bittersweet because that ultimately means I'll be moving away from Northwest Arkansas. BUT I won't think about that now! I still have some time left here.

Here was our schedule of events leading up to the church vote:

Friday night: Staff Dinner-I had a really good time! Everyone is a lot of fun! They pick on each other and laugh a lot. Those are my kind of people. Plus anything that involves food is usually good for me.

Saturday evening: A youth get together at a church members' home. It was a lot of fun. Josh played basketball with the guys and I chit-chatted with the ladies from the church. They were all so nice and we fit in really well. Josh gave a brief devotional and then there was a Q&A session for the both of us.

Sunday morning: At 9:00 we had a meeting with the deacons. We were only in there a few minutes. Just long enough for them to ask us both questions. After that we went to the youth department. We met some more of the youth and then Josh did the large group opening. He just shared his vision for the youth group. Next Bro. Jeff took us around and introduced us in all of the Sunday School classrooms, including the nursery. There are some cute babies in that place! After our tour of rooms we joined the young adult Sunday School class. That will be the class that Josh and I will attend. Bro. Jeff expects him to do the youth opening every Sunday and then we'll be able to go to our own Sunday School class. That excites me because I like to intereact with adults too! Once Sunday School was over we headed to the sanctuary for church. My parents joined us for the service and I was glad about that! Josh gave his testimony during the opening. And of course we dined out for lunch. The search committee and their families made up the lunch group.

Sunday afternoon: NAP!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday evening: We arrived at the church around 6:00. The service started at 6:30 and that was Josh's big event. It was a Q&A (we had LOTS of those over the weekend) time with the congregatoin. He did great, as always, and it didn't last too long. Once it was finished the church voted "yes" and Josh accepted. They prayed over us and then all welcomed us to the church. And of course we went with a group out to dinner afterwards. It was a big relief to have the busy weekend behind us!

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers throughout this process! I hope you will come visit us in Little Rock!


Leigh Ann said...

Congratulations, Hillary! That is really a nice church. I've known a couple of people that have attended there. Consider me one of your first friends in LR!

Jessica said...

Wow! Things are really moving fast now! I applaud you for being so willing to jump out there and support Josh! You will be a Proverbs 31 kind of wife!!! : )

Kelly said...

Well - of course they wanted Josh after meeting him and asking him questions.
I'm SUPER sad that you are moving away from me but LR is not that far. There will lots of visits and lots of phone calls and e-mails and blog comments. ha! :-)
I'm glad ya'll can go to a couple's SS class. Sometimes youth ministers seem to spend all their time with youth and I think it's good for your marriage to meet other Christian couples and have their support and get fed as well! I'm so excited for ya'll! This is going to be so wonderful. Maybe we'll move to LR too. ha!

Shannon said...

Ummm....I think y'all should live here and just commute on the weekends!!! :) If that isn't the plan, then I'm just going to keep living in denial until Sept! Ha!!!
I really like that y'all get to go to SS seperate from the youth. That is very cool!

Guy & Julie said...

Congratulations! This must have been an exciting weekend, but a good one to have behind you, also.

Harris Family said...

Yea! I know it is bittersweet! But, that church needs you more than Northwest Arkansas does appartently! Very Exciting!

Megan said...

How exciting! I'm jealous you're gonna be in LR (where all our family is). I imagine your parents are excited to have you close.

Laurie said...

This is GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I am going to REALLY miss you!

His Doorkeeper said...

Congratulations Hillary and Josh!
Going to your first church can be so exciting! You will be the best youth pastor's wife! God bless you both as you start out a new life together and as God's servants in the ministry!