Sunday, December 9, 2007


Part 1:Sanford & Son

Saturday morning my parents loaded up a truck (generously provided by one of my dad's friends) and headed to Lamar.

Background info: My parents cleaned out two storage units of theirs and told Josh and I we could have it all if we wanted to have a yard sale. We decided a little extra money was worth it so we agreed to it.

Josh and I met them to help unload it all. I was pretty amused at the sight of my dad and a truck. For those of you that know my dad this is definitely not in his comfort zone. In fact on the way to meet us he and my mother had some issues filling up the truck with gas so a nice trucker stopped to help them. I think they looked pitiful enough that he had pity on them! Anyway, we all worked super hard to get the truck unloaded and did so in record time.

Afterwards my parents took us to lunch.

Part 2:Mary Did You Know...?

Saturday night Josh and I had the privilege of participating in the Living Nativity in his community Christmas celebration. Each church was responsible for a specific scene of the Christmas story. All of the scenes were set up at the City Park and people were able to drive through and look. It was a great ministry opportunity in the community. I for one was thrilled that there are still places in this country that allow things like this to take place and make it a community wide event. Anyway, back to the participation. Josh and I were Joseph and Mary.

Our particular scene was the one in Luke where Joseph and Mary met Simeon and Anna, two prophets, at the temple to present Jesus.


cjrussell said...

Nice pic of Mom and Dad. I am proud of Dad for attempting the truck. I am glad it was a success!

Kelly said...

Oh wow - ya'll make a great Mary and Joseph. Hmmmmmmm!
I never thought I'd see the day where my friend Hillary was portraying Mary. I really thought that job would go to Laurie. ha ha ha ha!!!
Can't wait for tomorrow night!!!!

Megan said...

What a nice Mom and Dad! Good luck at the sale. I have one every fall with the girls in my family (if we have enough items). I love a living nativity!

Fran said...

What great pictures from the whole weekend!! Yeah...there is something funny about dads in trucks....mine too. I think I would have been more comfortable than my dad ever was! :)

And, a beautiful Mary and Joseph y'all were. I bet that was very cool.

Hope you had a good day!

ashleydiggs said...

OH my gosh!!! My name is Ashley Diggs (formerly Richardson) and I went to college with Josh! I found your blog through another friend of mine's and was looking through and thought to myself, "I know that guy!" We were really active in the BCM together!