Monday, December 17, 2007

Roomie Christmas

Last night we had our roommate Christmas. Technically I only have one roommate, Holly. Our other roommate, Ashley, moved out this past year into her own house. Regardless of the technicalities I still refer to them both as "roomies." Holly and I loaded up our presents and headed to Ashley's house for dinner. Afterwards we sat around, chit-chatted, and then opened presents.

Holly and Ashley

Ashley's tree, Longar Longar* and our presents

We all got lots of really neat things! As for me, I got some Land's End house shoes, flour sifter, potholder and oven mit, Barefoot Contessa cupcake mix, cupcake holder, socks, gift card to Maggie Moos, pullover fleece, a canvas storage bin, and super soft socks. I'd say I had a really good night!

*On Saturday whiled watching the Hogs basketball game against OU I was inspired with another tree name, Longar Longar. This is the name of one of the OU players. Since I already have a name for mine, Holcombe-Faye, and Josh has a name for his, Perrilloux, I was deserpate to find someone worthy enough of the name. After seeing Ashley's tree I knew Longar Longar would do the tree well.


Kelly said...

Sounds so fun and your gifts are awesome! I would like one of all of those!

Megan said...

I agree with Kelly, those gifts sound like things I would want, too.

Jessica said...

Cute tree!!

walkers said...

NO WAY! oh my gosh, i am so happy to hear from you. first of all you look beautiful. second of all your boyfriend is adorable. and third it made me miss your sweet little face. if you are ever even in the vicinty of waco PLEASE let me know. i will totally keep up with you through your blog. love you!