Wednesday, December 5, 2007

#3 Maggie Moo's

I love me some Maggie Moo's! If you've haven't had anything from here before then you most certainly need to try it. It's a lot like Marble Slab and Cold Stone Creamery but in my opinion it is much better! They opened up one here in Northwest Arkansas a couple months ago and I've been a frequent weekend visitor ever since. They have so many good flavor combinations of ice cream and mix ins. I can't seem to tear myself away from the Chocolate Better Batter! It's chocoalte cake batter ice cream! I love cake, I love chocolate, and I love ice cream. I'm not sure it gets much better than that!! I like to have them add a little brownie and pile it in a homemade (made every day) waffle cone. It's delicious! Or "del-ee" as my roommate, Holly (and now Josh...copying Holly) says. They have lots of other items on their menu too. One of my new found favorites is their ice cream CUPCAKES!

As you know, cupcakes are one my favorite desserts and this just takes them to a whole new level. For Thanksgiving I took some for my family to try. They were chocolate cake with Red Velvet Ice Cream. Del-ee!!!!!! If you call ahead you can order them in multple flavor combinations. I'm not sure which ones I want to try next. And if you go to their website and sign up to receive e-mails you'll get some coupons for these little pieces of sunshine! If you're looking to feed more than just a few anxious guests and need something more than cupcakes they have all kinds of different ice cream cakes and pies. I haven't tried those yet but it's only a matter of time. Visit Cake Town to learn more.


Kelly said...

WHY am I just now finding out about this? RED VELVET ice cream? Oh my goodness!
I'm thinking we will have this when Scott's parents come for Christmas!
P.S. I'm loving your list of favorite things!

Megan said...

Yum-ee! I've never heard of this place. Little Rock has Cold Stone, but down here we only have Sonic. Ummm, that cake batter ice cream is almost worth the trip up to NWA!

Megan said...
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Fran said...

Ok...please still be my friend, but I'm a baskin robbins kind of girl and I can't have another "love!" So. I'm staying with her. :)

Plus, thats how my kids are too so we are a BR family.

But, I do love the name...Maggie Moos just sounds fun.

KRP said...

My first stop by your blog and I think perfect timing. This ice cream looks delicious. I wish I hadn't seen that is wwwaaayyy too late for a treat.

You and your boyfriend make an adorable couple. Reading your blog took me back a few years. Though I am no senior citizen I was grateful for the reminder of what it is like without the kiddos around.

Warmly, Joanne

KRP said...

OOPS! I realized that I am on my hubbies blog initials are KRP after I left you my msg above. Please forgive my bizarre way of introducing myself.

My blog address is:

To give you a laugh...when I read the comment with my husbands KRP,and before I realized I was on HIS laptop, I thought to myself, "HEY! What is he doing leaving messages on this cute gals blog??!!"

I told you it was late...time for me to hit the hay.