Friday, July 25, 2014

Yesterday Sadie went on her first youth group outing. There have been several I've wanted to take her on but timing with school or naps meant it just never worked out. She is old enough now she can skip naps from time to time. Josh does a day camp with his group on the summers and yesterday was a ride on the River Rail Trolley. Our downtown and the neighboring downtown have a trolley system. I knew Sadie would love the adventure so we went.

I'm pretty sure her favorite part of the day was riding on the bus. She kept saying how much fun she was having. She took it upon herself to read the map and let us know where we'd be going on our journey.

Sadie was all about her daddy. She wanted his hand and to be wherever he was.

We went to the nature center first. Sadie loved it. She will be Josh's museum buddy as she gets older.

She was given a "bird" book as we left. She looked at it the rest of the day.

Our next stop was a park with a big slide and a splash pad.

She was nervous at first but then she did it and loved it.

She wasn't sure about getting wet either. I didn't plan on her getting wet so she didn't have a suit. She is a rule-follower so that was hard for her.

I splash her a little and she wasn't a fan.

Luckily though, the hesitation didn't last long.

She loved it.

It was so cute watching her get so excited.

I had an extra pair of bottoms in my bag but I had to go buy her a new shirt. It was a little big so we went all 80's and knotted it up.

She rocked her new look.

So thankful to be able to spend the day with Josh and Sadie (Sophie was well taken care of while we were out). I hope to do more fun youth group outings with her in the future.