Thursday, July 24, 2014


In a few weeks we start back to Mother's Day Out. We refer to this as "school". Sadie loves school. She is a smart girl. I know most parents think their children are geniuses but Sadie is bright. Not a genius but able to catch on quickly. I've been so nervous though because her class next year is going to be made of up kids 6-12 months older than she is. Yikes. I worry she will constantly be behind and that she will show her Threenager outburst
more times than she should.

To help her get a jump start on things we've started doing "homework" every day. She loves it. I do not. It confirms that I could never, ever, not for a second, in any way, even flirt with the idea of homeschooling. Ever. Please, Lord, don't ask me to.

I bought her several activity books (Target and Mardel) and this is where we find most of her homework activities.

She has already improved so much in a week. We like tracing and dot-to-dot the best.

I also bought this game (Walmart) to help her recognize lower case letters and to further learn letter sounds.

She loves learning and is such a big girl these days.

I'm pretty sure sticking out your tongue helps your brain work harder.

We'll see how this year plays out. I'm super excited for her and a tad nervous.