Monday, July 30, 2012

An Excuse to Dress Up


When I went to the University of Arkansas I LOVED getting dressed up for Razorback football games. Even if we had to sit outside for 4 hours before kickoff to secure our seats we still dressed up. After graduating I fell into the habit of dressing more casual for games. I missed dressing up though. There was just something about it. If I am ever lucky enough to get season tickets again I will dress up from time to time. It is the right thing to do.

Even though we don't get to go to games anymore and I don't really dress myself up it is important for an SEC baby to get dressed up for games.. I have been thinking about Sadie's "hog" outfits for a while now.

I know. Ridiculous.

Obviously she'll need some things she can wear to school to show her school spirit, she'll need outfits for actual game days, and then church dresses to celebrate the Saturday victories.

I wanted to share two of her new outfits for this year. Luckily she has a sweet smocked dress from last year can wear too but when I saw this I knew it had to be hers.

I love this. It is even cuter in person. The best thing about dresses like this is she can wear it for at LEAST two seasons.

Another one of her new dresses this year is something I made for her.

I absoultely love it. It looks SO cute on her. She can wear it like this early in the season and then I will make ruffle pants for her to put with it when it cools down.

I still have a couple of t-shirts to make her for school and she'll be set.

Here is a look back at some of her Razorback attire from last year.

*Pig Sooie smocked dress is from Ella Arden Clothing on Facebook


Lacy said...

She is just the cutest little hog fan.. The dress you ordered is cute..

Bethany said...

Hi Hillary :)

I was wondering if you would ever be willing to make some skirts out of that red and white chevron fabric for my daughters. They are sizes 18-24 months, 5 and 7. We're from Ohio and big Buckeye fans, and I think those would be adorable with the new buckeye shirts they have for our football season.

Let me know--my email is

I've enjoyed tremendously following your blog as my youngest is only weeks away from Sadie's age and I always imagine they would be friends, as would we, if we lived closer to one another!


Carla said...

I LOVE the chevron Razorback outfit! Do you have a facebook acct so I can look at other outfits? You can email me at Thank you!