Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine Baby

February 14th wasn't a fun time around our home. I had the flu and Sadie had a cold. I was so sad we didn't get to celebrate Sadie's first Valentine's Day. I had Valentines made, outfits ready, a Valentine basket of treats for Sadie, etc. Since we couldn't celebrate on February 14 I decided we would celebrate when we were well.
I'm so glad I already handed out some Valentines from Sadie because I loved them. My friend Sarah designed them. Aren't they so cute?
She has an etsy store now full of great stationary and other designs. Here is a link to her shop. You certainly need to go check it out. CUTE stuff!
The girls got pink ones and the boys got orange.
They were attached to a little bag of teddy graham crackers. Yummy.
Sadie is sad she couldn't give them out to all of her friends but she still loves her friends and is thankful for them. :)

Here is Sadie's bag of treats. I wanted to get her some flash cards and she needed some new pajamas.

You can have one guess as to what in this basket caught her eye.
Yep, that's right,
the goldfish. She LOVES them.
She still had a cold here and her eyes were pitiful but she was very happy to have some more goldfish. Her momma may or may not have eaten the last of them.

I will leave you with a few pictures of her in her cute outfit.


Alex and Jill said...

Her Valentines were so cute and that outfit is adorable!!

The Thomas Family said...

Gosh she is so darn cute! I'm glad ya are feeling better!

Katie said...

She's so big, Hil! Love her and MIISS you so.

Love the Valentines, too.