Tuesday, September 6, 2011


There are several pictures on my phone I'd like on my blog so here's a random post full of cuteness.

Sadie got a spanking for this (kidding...but she should have). She threw out a "hook'em" horns during nap time one day. I'm choosing to believe she was saying "I love you" in sign language but the picture doesn't lie.

Sadie likes to hold her bottles. She can only do that of it isn't full. She thinks she's a big girl.

She also thinks big girls ride in umbrella strollers.

She likes watching TV with Big D at his house. We call this her recliner.

She has taken a liking to a certain pink blanket. It just so happens her momma has a blanket like it too (she might still sleep with it). Proud momma moment.

Sadie loves her Auntie Court. Auntie Court got her this outfit in case Sadie forgot. Impossible to forget. She can't wait to see her again.


His Doorkeeper said...

Hillary, Sadie is just the sweetest thing! Love to hold her and give her some sugar!!!

The Ormons said...

what video monitor did you decide on. We are going to buy one for our new addition and I am not happy with the one we have used with Reid.

Alex and Jill said...

Smilin' Sadie....love you so much, sweet girl!

Jessica said...

Such a cutie! : )

Ashley said...

The cuteness is the only reason you need for a blog post like that! I love her! She is so precious!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

so so cute!! :-)