Friday, September 16, 2011

5 Months

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sadie you are 5 months old. Five Months Old. FIVE MONTHS OLD. Every month has gone by so fast but this month really flew by fast. I have been a little emotional over you getting so big. I do love this age but you seem to be growing up too fast. I just want to keep you little forever.

You have gotten so big too. You still have the best "sweet rolls" on your thighs and arms. I love them. You're the best of both worlds. You're chubby and cute but still somehow "little". I don't know how much you weigh or how tall you are because your next well visit isn't until 6 months.

You wear size 3-6 month clothes for the most part. You can still wear some 3 month things and you also wear some 6 month things.

You wear a size 2 diaper.

After your 4 month well visit your pediatrician said to start you on solids. There's an entire post coming about that. Right now you get cereal with pear juice in the morning and veggies at night. You take 5, 5 oz bottles during the day but because of the food you can't keep it all down. Since you get full fast you're only eating a little solid food at a time.

You are ALL about what we're eating. You can't take your eyes off of anything we put in our mouths. Soon enough you'll be eating what we're eating but for now we'll stick with baby food.

Your reflux is better. You still spit up some but you don't cry out in pain. I no longer give you Zantac at night. You sleep just fine and don't seem to be bothered by it. Hopefully you'll get off of Nutramigen and Zantac at your 6 month appointment.

Teething has been bothering you quite a bit lately. When you're really in pain you refuse to take your afternoon or evening bottles. If I give you Tylenol you'll eventually take them. You drool all the time and chew on everything you can get to your mouth. You still don't have any teeth but I'm praying they start to come through soon. You do pretty well with the pain as far as fussing goes so that's good.

Speaking of fussing you really are such a good baby. You talk, laugh, and spit most of the time you're awake. You love to smile and laugh but when you are unhappy it is normally an easy fix. 95% of the time if you are crying or fussing it is because you are tired. When you are tired you are DONE and are ready for someone to toss you in the bed and leave you alone.

You are still a great sleeper. You go to bed around 7-7:30 pm and wake up around 7 or 7:30 am. I'm so glad all the hard work of getting you on a schedule has paid off in the sleep department.

You are a little vain these days. You love looking at yourself in the mirror. You smile and laugh. If you're upset I can put you in front of a mirror and you turn the crying off and the smiling on. When people tell you you're pretty you get all giddy.

You're starting to move into the "big girl" stage. You can pick up anything in front of you. You've been practicing taking your paci out and putting it back in. You can even switch hands with it. As if that wasn't enough you are almost sitting up by yourself. You can sit up for a little while but you get a little wobbly once you get tired. I will admit, when you start sitting up it will be nice. But that's it. No more growing up after that.

You have done so well at "school". I was concerned it might completely mess you up but you still do great on your schedule. You love school and all the older girls in your class. You think you are as big as they are. You love riding in the Bye Bye Buggy and playing in the exersaucer when you're there.

You've started getting scared very easily. When I sneeze it sends you into orbit. It's not like I have an obnoxious sneeze but you seem to think the world is going to end with it happens. You're very dramatic and it gets worse every day. Bless us all.

Sadie Lady...what on earth was life like before you came along? Boring I guess. You are so sweet and so fun. You are learning new things every day and it's amazing to watch. Every morning I can't wait to go into your room and see your smiling face. A smile from you cures any ailment. I could spend every second of the day kissing your chubby cheeks. I'm thankful to have you as my daughter. My days are bright because I spend them with you.

Your daddy and I love you to the moon and back!


Jonathan said...

She is just to precious and adorable for words.. :) Bless her little heart having reflux.. Poor little girl..

I'm mega JEALOUS my four year doesn't even sleep as good as her... lol :)

Lacy said...

Opps I didn't realize my husband was signed in on google.. That was from me..

Ashley said...

Happy 5 months, Sadie!! I cannot believe the chub. Looking at all of those monthly pictures, it's like the chub just keeps packing on. I love it! Nom, nom, nom. : ) She is such a cute baby and so, so sweet. I love her!

Jenna said...

I love her!!!!!!!! I just want to reach through the computer screen and hug her and squeeze those cheeks, thighs, chin(s).

Happy 5 months to that Sadie Lady! She is the cutest thing ever.