Friday, August 12, 2011

Love At First Sight

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It's HERE!!! My Erin Condren Life Planner has arrived.

It's even more than I could have imagined. It's perfect.

I love that it has all of our names on it.
And the tabs. Oh the tabs. No guessing and flipping through pages to get to the right month.

A must-have in a good planner for me is a pocket. There is always something I need to tuck away somewhere. So happy there is a pocket on both sides. Double the room.

Check out the clear pouch. How great is that?!?

The inner 8 year old in me is giddy about the stickers. I've always been a fan of stickers. These are for different events and occasions.
There are even stickers for a mani-pedi. I told Josh I'll just have to get those from time to time. My life planner says so.

Don't worry though, if the pre-made stickers don't meet your needs there are blank ones for you to enjoy. Glory.

If you can't tell I'm beyond excited about this planner. A little too excited. I'm not sure I can write in it though. It might mess it up.When I do decide to write in it I'm going to have to use my best handwriting. I think I might buy special pen for it too. It deserves at least that.

Oh wait...there's more.

Look what else came with it. Inside was a sample of personalized gift tags. They are stickers so you just put them on a gift or goodie and you're set. Oh I need to get me more of these. She knew what she was doing when she gave me sample.

I think it is only fair to say that Erin Condren and her team are AWESOME. They had some unfortunate trouble last week when someone selfishly decided to hack into their stuff and mess everything up. They handled everything perfectly though. They have amazing customer service. No one asked me to say all of this. I'm just very impressed with Erin Condren and everyone who works with her. I imagine this will be the first of many things I buy from her.

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Marcie said...

Love it! I just might have to get me one too!

Jennifer said...

Now I am even more excited about getting mine in the mail. Hopefully it will arrive next week!

Missy said...

I ordered one right after I saw this on your blog and I cannot wait to get mine! I should get it very, very soon! Thanks for sharing...I just stumbled on your blog and was THRILLED!

Congratulations on your beautiful calendar from one nerd to another! :)

Taylor said...

I can't wait till mine gets here! This makes me that much more excited!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

Ok those are REALLY cute. I just got the MomAgenda as a gift [i'm expecting first child in February] and it starts in August, but goodness gracious I'd love one of those by Erin Condran. Next year perhaps? I can still order the gift tags and address labels I suppose! :)

La Dolce Vita said...

p.s. I'm a somewhat new follower and found you through Kellys Korner a while back. I love that you named your little girl Sadie. I was named after my mom's best friend, Sandy, who was killed by a drunk driver at age 21. Well Sandy's moms name was Sadie and she's like an Aunt to us, so I always said I'd name my daughter "Sadie" if I ever had one. It's so unique but I know you hate that now it's getting so popular. Bums me out too :\ Anyways, your sweet little Sadie is absolutely precious and we will find out boy/girl in a few weeks so I'm excited!

Kim said...

Oh now I'm even more excited to get mine. I think it will be here tomorrow. I got the same one as you except in blue and brown. How fun!

Miranda said...

My life planner has shipped! I'm so excited for it to get here! :-)

Amy said...

Love it! I can't wait to get mine. I got the email from them about being hacked and had to reorder my planner....the only thing I was upset about was having to wait longer - haha! I am on pins and needles!