Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's Ride

Sadie had a very exciting day at school. She got to ride in the Bye Bye Buggy with the "big" girls. She thought she was pretty cool.

I wasn't sure it would buckle tight enough but it did. Yea.
At one point on the journey the buggy stopped to watch the school kids in P.E. Sadie was very interested in watching them.

Here's some of the gang! We had a class full of sweet girls today. Since I didn't ask their mommies if I could put their pictures on the WWW I decided I better cover up their cute faces.
Anyway, Sadie can't wait to get back on the buggy again.


Lacy said...

How cute!! She looks mighty pleased..

I've never seen one those carts..

Somethings Gotta Give said...

How precious!! Love her smile....she looks so happy!

Bethany said...

You sure have a beautiful baby girl! She looks so excited to be on the big buggy. I love how genuinely excited babies get over the simplest things!

Lauren said...

SO cute!!! So looks soooooooooooo BIG!!!!!!

Ashley said...

She looks so big!! David loves that Bye Bye Buggy. LOVES it. I think he'd ride around with his friends all day if he could! I am so glad she is having fun w/ the big girls! She can keep up for sure! : )

The Rohman Family said...

Those buggies are hysterical!