Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back At It

After Sadie was born I took 12 weeks off for my maternity leave. I'm so thankful I had that much time off from work. I honestly don't know how anyone takes less than 8 weeks off. It took me at LEAST that long to feel somewhat normal again (I still don't feel totally normal). I know not everyone gets to take that much time off and so I certainly feel blessed.

As you already know, after my 12 weeks were over I gave my two weeks notice at my job. Working those two weeks seemed to drag on. I was not a fan of it at all. I much preferred to be home with Sadie. Lucky for me after those 2 weeks were over I got another 4 weeks at home. Wow. Talk about really blessed.

Well those 4 weeks ended last Friday and on Monday I started my new job. I was actually excited to start my new job. I wanted and needed to have some adult interaction during the day. It also helped because I knew my new job would be less hours and more laid back. The best part of all though is I knew Sadie would come with me to work. How great is that??!!?!

I am now working part time at a local church. I work 4 days a week and 4 hours a day. It's perfect. I help with the Mother's Day Out program so Sadie gets to come with me. As if that wasn't good enough I am actually in Sadie's classroom. That's right. I'm with her the entire time. Talk about awesome. I've had the best week so far and I am so thankful for this new job.

Sadie loves it too! She's the youngest by far. She's four months old and the next in line (so far) is 10 and 1/2 months old. Sadie is so entertained by the "big" babies though. She could stare at them for hours. She would much rather watch them than nap. We're working on that. Overall she does really well in there and for that I'm thankful.

I'm just thankful for everything right now. I'm thankful for this job and I'm thankful for being able to spend so much time with Sadie. God has been so good to me and I don't deserve it.


Ashley said...

She looks SOOOOO PRECIOUS!! Ahhh! I am so glad your job is going well. I know the set-up couldn't be better. I am just so thrilled for you! Let me know any tricks you learn in the next few weeks for getting Sadie to nap there. I'm dreading that with David! Love you!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing job opportunity! God is definitely good!

Alex and Jill said...

I just love these pictures...she is just cracking herself up! LOL

I'm so thankful God gave you this job and that Sadie can be with you all day. That's a huge blessing.

Love you both!!

Sarah said...

She is just a precious bundle!! :)

Megan said...

I'm soooo glad that this has worked out! And I'm loving those pics of Sadie! So sweet!

Muffy said...

Love her sweet little dress! Sounds like a great job for you. I always click on your blog when I read Kelly or Laurie's blogs. :)