Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And So It Began

I promise I won't do every "a year ago today" post that I can come up with for the next 7 and 1/2 months. It is fun to think back to how far we've come in a year's time though. I hope you don't mind but I am going to reflect back on August 23, 2010 for a minute. It was the day it all began for me.

Let me back up for a bit. After we got our positive pregnancy test on August 4th I was elated. Shocked but elated. It was definitely surreal. After a few more positive tests I called my OB like a good girl and scheduled my first Ultrasound for October 4. The next week I started having some pain in my left side. It wasn't severe but it was different. I wasn't too worried about it but since I was new at this whole pregnancy thing I thought I'd let my doctor know. Well now I know if you call your doctor with side pain early in pregnancy they take immediate action. I first called them the morning of August 13 and they scheduled me an US that afternoon. I was a little surprised because by my calculations I wasn't even 5 weeks yet.

Just as suspected it was too early to see anything. You could see there was something in my uterus but you couldn't tell what it was. You also couldn't confirm that there wasn't another problem.

They scheduled me another US 10 days later.

I was a little uneasy during those 10 days but my pain actually got better so I felt sure things were ok. Going into the US I prayed everything would be ok and that I could see a heartbeat. I'd heard sometimes you can see one that early and sometimes you can't. I was prepared for either.

When the tech started looking around the first words out of her mouth were

"There's a baby with a heartbeat."

I nearly passed out. Sure enough there it was. My baby.

She went on to say the heart had just started beating because it was only at a rate of 107. I knew God had done that just for me.

The instant I saw the heartbeat I was changed forever. My heart began to swell with love for this baby. I appreciate that at 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant the tech doing the US referred to it as a baby. Unfortunately not everyone in this world thinks that way but I won't get into that right now. The moment I saw this baby was also the moment the miracle of life began to hit me. Inside of my body was a baby with a heartbeat. I was barely even pregnant but could already see it's form. It began stirring many different emotions within me.

This baby would make me a momma.

And so it began.


Ashley said...

Awww! Such a sweet post. I know she makes your heart melt even more now that you know her precious little self! Sweet girl!

Rebekah said...

Such a sweet post! I know you love her even more today than you did that August day and more than the day she was born! Crazy how that happens! Such a huge blessing wrapped up into one small package! God is so good!

Bethany said...

What an amazing, sweet post! I have chills thinking about the moment the US tech said the baby's heart had just started beating! And now look at that sweet baby you've been blessed with. I know I don't have to remind you that GOD.IS.GOOD!!

Jenna said...

I loved this post so much. Sadie is a luckly little girl to have you as her sweet mama. I love you both!