Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing

The new computer which resides in my parent's home has arrived! Yea! This wouldn't be so exciting to me except for the fact that other than work and my phone it's my only connection to the Internet. And let me say it is sooooo fast. Wow! Granted anything compared to what they had last is going to blow me away. It's so nice to be able to upload a picture to blogger and not have to wait a couple minutes for it to appear. I sure could get use to this.

Thursday was a big electronic day for my parents. Let me back up a bit...Last weekend when they went to buy a computer they also wanted to buy a new TV for their bedroom and a Nintendo Wii. OK, I might have persuaded them a little on the Wii. I'm not a gamer AT ALL but the idea of Wii Fit and other workout options on there is very appealing to me. So, where was I? Oh yeah, last Saturday while inquiring about the computer we learned they were sold out. Apparently they can't keep these things in stock. So Mr. Unfriendly Computer Geek (I mean that in a respectful way I assure you) informed us it would have to be purchased online. OK, no biggie. Next we headed over to the TVs. Again, out of stock so you'll have to order. Alright, again no biggie. Let's go check out the Wii. Strike 3, no Wii consoles in sight. And come to find out they appeared to be out everywhere. My dad made the comment that day that he has never had more trouble spending money in his life. I agreed.

That brings me back to Thursday. The computer arrived on their door step and my dad received a call his TV was in as well. He and my mom went to pick it up and while there lo and behold what did they find on the floor in the game aisle? Yep, a Wii. Jackpot! I naturally invited myself to my parent's house on Thursday to see and "help" with the new toys. When I got there the computer was already almost set up but I think my favorite sight was the Wii.

I'm really going to enjoy the option of not getting up at 4:40 am to go to the gym and instead heading to my parent's house instead for a workout. You see the gym we attend is nice and CHEAP so there are TONS of people who workout there. That means that if I want to get "my" machine I need to be there by 5:00am. Some days that's just miserable. So now I can sleep in a little and hop on over to my parent's house for a workout. Since they live about 5 minutes from me I think it will work out well. Besides isn't it better to have a variety of workouts anyway?? Don't fret Jenna I will still continue meeting with Jillian on my lunch breaks.

And ya know if ever I get to my parent's house in the mornings and decide I'm too tired. I can just hop in their bed and watch the news on their new TV until work time. OK...Probably not but I could if I wanted.

Here Dad is trying to get it set up. Bless his heart. He is soooo smart in so many things but sometimes big new electronics really try his patience. Luckily the TV was relatively easy to get going.

All things electronic are up and running. I'm just waiting on stores to restock Wii Fit and I'm on it. A person at a store that should remain nameless gave me a little piece of insider information. His retail employer is to be receiving 14 on a particular day in the near future. I politely asked him not to share that with anyone else!

Now let us move onto Friday night. I love date nights and I really love date nights when they involve dinner and Sam's. Last night we went to eat at Applebee's. I'll be honest we NEVER eat there. It's just not a place that comes to mind. Not to mention the few times I've been to one I've had bad experiences. We went last night because someone had given us a gift card for Christmas. And let me tell you it was really good. I left there feeling satisfied but not miserable. What a good feeling.

After dinner we went to Sam's. Yea! I had been dreaming of all the neat things we would find there to bring home. We walked through every food aisle, through the bakery, freezer cases, produce, books, and electronics. All of that and this is all we have to show for our trip...

I was really happy when I realized the three things I bought were green, my favorite color. I posted this picture on Twitter and Kelly noticed the same thing. She and I also noticed these are 3 healthy items. That is so not like me. Normally there would be the three healthy things and a tray of brownies right next to them. My how times have changes.

The past couple of weeks I've really been trying to make good choices. I've shared about that on here before so I won't bore you. It's just that everything I picked up either was low in fiber, had partially hydrogenated fat listed close to the top in the ingredient list, artificial sweeteners, was full of sodium, etc. I'm not going crazy at all but just trying to be conscious of things. I opted not to buy any of those things in bulk. Plus some of the things I would have bought really weren't that cheap so I decided to wait.

Speaking of food and making better choices I have something else to share. Most of you know I LOVE sweets. I mean I LIVE FOR ALL THINGS SUGAR. Because of this figured it was time to cut back on that as well. So now I allow myself one good dessert a week. It gives me something to look forward to but doesn't sabotage my efforts to be healthy. I want to share what I chose this week.

Wednesday night I saw on the news about a small cheesecake bakery near Little Rock. It's called Cabot Cheese Cake Corner. My parents made a trip there Friday afternoon and picked me up a slice of Pina Colada cheesecake. Oh. My. Word. It was so good! I actually called in our pick up order and I'm glad I did. By the time my parents arrived there around 12:30 the sweet lady was sold out. They are THAT good. I don't like cheesecake as much as I do cupcakes but I think these are a close second.

OK, so there you have it. For a whole lot of nothing I sure have managed to ramble. Currently I'm at my parent's house doing laundry and trying to talk myself into working out with Jillian. We shall see...

Enjoy the sunshine!


Jennifer said...

We love our Wii. We got it 2 1/2 years ago, but it's still so fun to us!

My mom and I have been a little avocado crazy and have been buying them weekly at Sam's. :)

Mandi said...

Hillary, I'm not sure if I've ever left a comment before but I read your blog on a regular basis. I just want to tell you that I'm so proud of your "get healthy" efforts. You might just be the motivation I need to get myself in gear! Keep the tips coming!